Lovely Lace


Dress: Anthropologie (EXACT) // Shoes: Forever 21 (OLD) // Bag: Kate Spade (EXACT) // Bracelet: Kate Spade (OLD)

4 years flew by so quickly that it’s difficult to comprehend that I no longer am a college student. That being said, I am free! I had to celebrate with a stroll by the Hudson River and the view of the city.

lovely-laceI was lucky enough to nab this gorgeous dress while I still had my generous discount and I adore it. It’s breathable and I feel amazing in it. Who says plus-size gals don’t look good in white?!

leg-shotNow that I am officially done with school I find myself just relaxing a little in my hometown before I fully delve into searching for a job. I want to enjoy my last summer as a college grad and enjoy the time with my family and friends. Sometimes, I stress out thinking I should apply but my mentors tell me to enjoy it and jobs will always be around.

dylan4With my time of freedom, I’ve slept in and dyed my hair back to brown from auburn. I’d say I’m going places..and I’m pretty relaxed. So long, group projects.

celeste-mini-maiseThis mini maise is becoming one of my favorite bags. I am more of a medium bag kind of girl but this is perfect for strolls, concerts, and outings that don’t require you to bring your house.

roses-lace                                          So, until I start my job search in July..I am going to just stop and smell the roses.


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