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yo-sushiThis is out of the realm of fashion but I just had to share my experience…in a mall. Never did I think I would ever see the day that carousel sushi would be in a mall.

carousel-carousel sushiI am no novice to this sort of thing–I adore it. It’s my weakness. Who can say no to all the sushi that passes by. They are just waving and saying hi. Nope, must eat it all. I’ve never been to a Yo! Sushi though. I liked it a lot but come on (get some sweet potato rolls!).

What made me giggle was the fact that it was right across the way from a real carousel. I went with my BFF Jackie. She idly ate one or two while I quickly devoured all the tamago I could see in sight.

tamagoThe most disappointing about the whole thing was the service. Despite the awesomely, awesome button that screamed our table number out, it took forever to get any service and on a wasn’t that busy.

gyozaNext time you get a craving for sushi, try something new and go to a carousel sushi place. The experience is awesome and a good starter if you happen to want to travel to Japan.


I thought this post would be a nice deviant from all the beauty and fashion posts. Who can say no to food?


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