Summertime Happiness

“Don't worry, about a thing,every littleOne door closes but another opens. I am starting a new journey as a college graduate. It’s like I’ve been thrown into a state of limbo but there’s something exciting and I am actually in no hurry to apply to five million jobs. I am perfectly content with the small part-time jobs I have currently while I build up my resume.

I’ve taken the advice my mentors told me to heart. Jobs will always be there. Take time off for yourself. So for one month, I decided I would fly to paradise and visit my aunts and uncles in Miami. My days are pretty simple. Wake up, work a little, go out if its not raining and simply enjoy the time I have with my family. Once work comes, there will be no time. As an only child, I find myself thinking how quick life has gone by and I can fully appreciate it now.


I’ve brought my little sidekick with me to enjoy her summer before she has to start HER new journey as a high school student (man that makes me feel old!). We’re just taking in the views, kicking back, and hopefully screaming our little hearts out at Universal.

Here’s to hoping your summer is going as well as you wanted. Remember to appreciate the small things.



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