Finally Got My Letter!

Hogwarts sign

In case you were all wondering if I fell off the face of the are approximately right. I was in my fantasy/dream come true…


Who said I couldn’t be a wizard after graduating college? No one! I lived my childhood dreams out at Universal Studios Orlando. I took the advice from all my mentors and allowed myself a month of peace and reflection away from home. I decided to go to the very hot and rainy state of Florida.

Nothing makes you appreciate home more than a really bad hair day and boob sweat.

london phone booth

Sometimes it’s ok to let go and just have fun! I look disgustingly disgusting buuuut nothing could kill my mood, not even my shorts riding up in places they should never go.

Hogwarts Express

Let’s all just run away and ride the Hogwarts Express for a few hours…and relish the fact the life moves way too fast and I was a 22 year old running around the park waving a wand like no tomorrow.

9 3/4

Hogwarts Express

I guess old habits die hard but after a bit of time off for myself, I am back into the blogging schedule. Cheers!



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