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IMG_2206Disclaimer: I was not gifted this product. I paid for it myself so all opinions in this review are 100% truthful and unbiased.


I had screamed when I heard about the price about these lipsticks. $90!? Would it give me wings? Would it make me insanely hot? Would it bring all the boys to my yard? I had to (painfully) buy them and see what the hub bub was.


IMG_2209First thing first, let’s talk about packaging. It’s gorgeous; fit for a king or queen. The interior features a velvety red that can only be known as the world-famous Louboutin Red. The lipsticks themselves were also a work of art in themselves. The details put into it could only be likened to jewelry or ornate Christmas ornaments.

I thought if I was going to splurge nearly $200 (be still my wallet..) on lipsticks, they best be Matte and Silky Satin, ain’t nobody wanna spend $90 on a ‘Sheer’ lipstick, might as well call it lip gloss. I stayed away from the famous Red lipstick because while I love a good Red lip, I tend to go towards a berry-red as it goes with my skin tone.


I was afraid it would be too orange, too bold for everyday use. I love that you can see differences in the vials. The Matte lipstick is in, you guessed it, the matte vial with a cool cap design, while the Silky Satin was in a shiny vial with studs. What they advertise the lipsticks as is that you can put it on as a necklace with this dinky bit of ribbon. I don’t know about you but they should’ve supplied some real jewelry or at least made a necklace you can connect them to.

The weight is heavy and made of good quality so they didn’t skimp on the exterior.

IMG_2213                                                                                                       //Buy Exact one here//

For the Silky Satin shade, I went with ‘Very Prive 410″. I sorta blindly went about choosing my shade as Sephora did not give much of a description about the colors which pissed me off. At least hire a copywriter to give some kick ass description or tell me what the color is close to. $90 should’ve prompted you to. By the way, sorry for my disgust nails, not cute. The color looks like a deep burgundy and I figured it would be great for fall.

IMG_2216                                                                                                 //Buy Exact one here//The matte shade I chose was ‘Rococotte 215M’ which I would like to think is a very neutral pink? Like a mix of a deep nude with a dusty pink.

IMG_2219Swatching these you can see that Very Prive turned out to look a bit redder than I anticipated. The silky satin formula makes the color much lighter than what you see in the tube which is fine. I thought I loved satiny lipsticks but it turns out that I have turned a leaf and have gone to the matte side. The Rococotte color is GORGEOUS. I love it and I am sure it will be very useable.

One thing I had to try to test was durability. The minute I put my wrist under water and gave a light rub, these suckers said adios. I was left with a smudgy mess and that kind of sucked. For the price tag, I would’ve loved it to stay on longer or be able to withstand some water. I’ve yet to actually try it on for an 8 hour day but I will be updating once I do.

The takeaway:
The packaging and the name is what is really worth the $90. Would I purchase again? Probably not. I am not made of gold but it’s a beautiful lipstick and if you are into packaging or want to proudly show one off on your neck, vanity, or tree go for it. Just don’t expect yourself to turn into a super model when you swipe this on. I would pass and reach for your favorite cheaper brands.


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