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dylan26Soft Pants: American Eagle (old) // Sandals: Material Girl (old) // Top: American Eagle (old) // Flower Crown: IMATS (you can probably find anywhere)


The warmer weather is here to stay for a week or two more so I am in no rush to put away my soft pants. I’ve been living in soft pants all summer. Every once in a while I would through on some shorts or a dress but I needed to give my skin a rest between shavings. Jeans are usually the way to go but no one wants to shimmy out of those after a long day. Flowy and in different designs make this a perfect medium between pajama comfort and just plain old cute.

Once fall hits, I will be transitioning to thicker material joggers. I didn’t think I would be a fan of the athleisure trend but I am all for comfort now. Well, comfort with style that is!

Are you a fan of the jogger/soft pant look? What are you most looking forward to this fall?


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