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dylan18Bag: kate spade new york (exact one here) // shoes: kate spade new york (old) // jeggings: torrid (exact one here) // Top: T.J Maxx

OK, confession time..I still drink chocolate milk. It’s a sweet treat without being..too bad. When I saw kate spade was coming out with a new line of dessert and sweet inspired bags, I was saving months for it.

While it is adorable and I loved it, it was hard to match to outfits. I could only think of going with a light pink and tan. I made it very kate-like..but I think I will just stick to my actual chocolate milk. Also, Ovaltine is the way to go, none of that Nesquik junk. Bleh.

I love how this outfit turned out and I think I could’ve went out to a night in the city with this. Maybe I could’ve stashed some chocolates in my bag or better yet, maybe as a trick-or-treat bag (Just kidding!)

What are you favorite treats?


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