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Shirt: Etsy (Exact one here) // Jeans: Torrid (Exact one here) // Shoes: Keds (exact one here)// Bag: Henri Bendel (Exact one here)


First things first, I’ve been so bad with updating. I have been swamped in the job search and the lack of motivation to write. It’s sad. Depressing. Just sad. I even missed my blog’s anniversary! Sartorial Spice has turned 3 years old, which I never thought would happen. I am hoping 2016 is the year that I can grow my blog and gain more opportunities and just accomplish what I had set out to do in the first place which was just to use my blog as a way to de-stress and use as a creative outlet. Thank you for the support these past 3 years and I hope for many to come!

Black on black on black. Isn’t that the typical New York/anywhere in the world uniform? Forget the outfit, it’s of course the accessories that make it. In this case, I went simple but my god do I adore this bag. I bought this bag in August and out of the maybe 15 bags I own, this is by far the one I use every. single. day.

What is better than a multi-functional bag? I find it’s perfect for a day out in the city. Sometimes my hands are full and all I need to do is change the straps into a different position and BAM! I got a backpack!

What is your g0-to bag? I am a handbag hoarder need to know.


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