A Little Time Out


Sometimes the best way to clear your mind is to get away. The best place I could think of is with my family out in Florida so I booked a ticket and jetted over. As the years have passed, I’ve gotten more and more aware of how time truly flies and to appreciate your family and those you love.

I’m a highly nostalgic person so I decided I would spend 2 weeks in Miami with my mom’s side of the family. It’s a good way to get out of the slump of looking for a job. If I’m stressing 100% of the time and killing myself with anxiety over the job search, I won’t find it. It will happen when it happens.

When I head back home, I will resume my job search headstrong.

I haven’t done anything crazy since I arrived in Florida. I’ve just relaxed at home, went to South Beach, and the mall. Barely anyone is at the beach, the water is too cold!


Along with that, I’ve found myself falling into K-Pop (help me…I can’t get out of it).


Spring break is close! How will you all be spending it?

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