Summertime Happiness

IMG_1435It’s been a while since I posted. It’s just been hard to find the inspiration and the drive to write and upkeep with the blog. I don’t lead a particularly interesting life (I won’t lie–I’m pretty plain like everyone else). I don’t live the blogger life as I don’t gain any money from this or have a ginormous following.

With the job search pretty much zilch–thanks economy, I have lots of time to myself and my family now while working part time.  For the past few days, I think this is the most social life I’ve had since high school.

My best guy friend came down from Florida and despite living so close to New York, he’d never been SO why not make an adventure out of it?

IMG_1434Our first stop was ChaiLait which is a cute little coffee shop downtown. The cappuccino was a bit strong for me but it has a nice milkiness to go with the bitterness of the coffee. The breakfast sandwich was a huge win for the three of us. We kept dying about how great it was.

IMG_1431After that we went straight towards the high line. It was such a beautiful day that we took our time and took in the views.



All the walking ended up opening our appetite so I decided it was best for a doughnut break. What better place than Doughnut Plant?



Of course, me being me, I have eyes bigger than my stomach and I bought myself my all-time favorite Coconut Cream Doughnut and a Pride Doughnut (Raspberry). It ended up being smooshed at the bottom of my purse but it still tasted delicious.

More walking around, window shopping and bathroom breaks we were once again starving. Our destination? Chelsea Market!

IMG_1440If you haven’t been to Chelsea Market, the only way I can describe it is food heaven. They also have an Anthropologie and an independent bookstore among a few other stores. Hugo and Gloria were craving the Lobster Rolls but me not being a fan of Lobster waited for them to stuff their faces and dragged them along with me to look for tacos. Authentic tacos. Not your damn Chipotle or Taco Bell. Fresh. Corn. Tacos. Meat. Chicken. The works!

IMG_1441Two were enough to satisfy me but Hugo and I being fatasses stopped and ate a potato croquette each. Ugh. Goodbye diet.

IMG_1443Exiting Chelsea Market there is a really cool area were handmade and unique stuff are sold.

IMG_1444I stopped by this Vintage jewelry stand and found myself immediately drawn to the 1970s Vintage Dainty Bracelets that were shaped in a way that reminded me of Sailor Moon. I snagged myself a rose gold one and fell into conversation with Crystal, the worker behind Brooklyn Bleu. She was super passionate about where she worked and told me how everyone was like a huge family–which also meant some discounts! It was nice connecting with someone as sweet as her and I would totally recommend stopping by the booth if you happen to go to Chelsea Market. All the dainty jewelry were to die for. So perfect for layering.

New York doesn’t need to be all about Times Square. Seriously, pretend that hell doesn’t exist and head downtown for some good eats and lots of shopping.


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