untitled (108 of 129)**Sponsored Post: All opinions are mine and mine alone. I was given clothing courtesy of Banana Republic.**

Banana Republic’s new campaign Your Life. Styled. features contemporary and super versatile pieces that are perfect for any occasion or situation.  I’ve always been a huge Banana Republic fan (it was my first job ever during my high school years) so when I was approached to try their new pieces, how could I say no?

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Blouse: c/o Banana Republic (exact one here) // Shorts: Kohl’s (exact one here) // Bag: kate spade new york // Shoes: Lord & Taylor (exact one here)// Bracelets: kate spade new york (similar one here)

Now, let me just say that I was super nervous trying this top on because of my -ahem- bigger bosom as I always have a problem with that annoying gaping hole between two buttons. But lo and behold, for once I did not get that which of course made me super happy! I am in love with florals but this could easily be dressed up with a pair of black skinny pants and heels or down with some shorts like I did.

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untitled (17 of 129)-Edit(1)I love all things boho, hippie, free–whatever you want to call it. The top was a bit large on me but I guess it’s fine because these styles are usually loose anyways. The top, I found, I could also dress up if I wanted to.  Each time I put on an item, I could just see all the outfit possibilities. Win.

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Blouse: c/o Banana Republic (sold out)// Jeans: America Eagle Outfitters (old) // Shoes: Banana Republic (exact one here)// Sunglasses: kate spade new york (old)


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Top: Kohl’s (exact one here) // Skirt: c/o Banana Republic (exact one here)// Sandals: Ivanka Trump (exact one here) // Sunglasses: Coach (exact one here)

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untitled (39 of 129)(1)

I think all the skirts that I own–or at least the majority of them are midi skirts.  What really made me reach for this one in particular were the colors. How summery are they!? I decided to go in between dressing it up and going casual. This skirt would definitely be perfect for the office or a get together. The best part if someone tells you they like your skirt? You can say: “Thanks! It has pockets!” WIN.

I think Banana has hit the nail right on the head with all of the new items.  Everyone always thinks Banana is the place to go if you have to get office wear or an outfit for an interview but all these pieces are fresh and modern, making it easy to wear out anytime and anywhere.


One Thought on “Styled.

  1. Amy Barrios on July 2, 2016 at 10:57 am said:

    I love all these outfits! Especially the tan suede wedges and palm printed skirt. Seriously need these in my life

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