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Last month, I took a trip to California with my mom and my cousin (plus the munchkins) to enjoy the sunshine and oppressive heat. It was a pretty chill. We stayed at a family member’s home so we didn’t go much of anywhere.

Luckily, the last week I was there, my two friends also went to California. For the last 3 days, we hung out. Browsing on Facebook, I came across news talking about a Hello Kitty Cafe in California. I was flipping out. What!? Hello Kitty!? In Cali!? When!? Where!? It was an hour away from us so we decided to go ahead and head to Irvine.
Arriving at around 9am, I was super nervous that we would be met with a huge line. To my surprise, there was no line, only a few people here or there waiting around. We sat by the fountain and played some Pokemon Go while we waited. An hour later, we lined up. We had been first but a very obnoxious guy announced he was cutting since he and an older couple were there for hours. I held my tongue and let them go ahead, since 3 people weren’t going to delay us by much.


I. Was. Wrong. How long does it take to order some tea and a cake? Obnoxious guy asked the stupidest questions. Even the poor girl at the register looked like she wanted to throw something at him.

Ayaka, Bonnie, and I soon lined up and well..we ordered separately and shared them. So much diabetes.



This cookie was filled with Nutella. It was delicious but I’m more of a soft cookie kind of gal. I give it a 7/10 including the cuteness factor. Look at that red bow!

I didn’t even bite into the pink bow cookie. I decided to leave it wrapped and keep it as a momento.IMG_2032(1)

The total for all the stuff I got was around $25. I grabbed myself a Birthday Mini Cake, Nutella Cookie, Bow Cookie, Strawberry Iced Tea, and a gift box (an extra $2).


From left to right: Chocolate Berry Tart, Apple Pie, Birthday Cake, and Strawberry CakeIMG_2039


This tart was the clear winner. It was sooo good. The berries were fresh and tart against the sweetness of the chocolate.IMG_2038


Despite being super cute. This was my least favorite and it was the one I bought! The cake itself was dry and the sprinkles while cute, I am not much of a fan. IMG_8355


Again. Not my favorite. I guess I am not much of a buttercream person or a vanilla cake person. Chocolate all the way. The strawberries inside the cake were nice.IMG_9531


Would I go again? Maybe. Probably for the tart and maybe something else we failed to try. Is it worth it? I think so! If you are a huge Hello Kitty fan or just like super cute things, I recommend it. Do go a few hours or an hour before it opens since I heard it sells out pretty quickly! When we had finished our breakfast, the line was already looping around. Just get ready for the heat wave.



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