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**DISCLAIMER: I purchased this product and am giving my own personal, truthful review. They did not pay me or send me the product. I just thought my readers would like to hear a real review.**

If you are on social media, you know that ads are often tailored by what we just searched, what site we just visited, or what we may like. If you are on Facebook, you know that companies can pay for sponsored ads to show up on your news feed. Sometimes, it’s not so bad. This is one of those times.

I am way more into skincare and haircare now that I am reaching the quarter crisis part of my life. I already have crows feet from smiling like an idiot way too much, but I guess that is better than frown lines on my forehead. As I have grown older, I noticed my hair has been changing, no thanks to the dyeing, bleaching, blowdrying, and flat ironing that I have subjugated my poor tresses to. What once was full, if not kind of bushy, is not dry, crispy, poofy, and with a little wave here and a little curl there. It is nowhere as thick as it used to be and so sometimes I find that I am not using the right shampoo for all my different problems.


My problems are large and grand. Dry. Unruly. Chemical Treated. Dandruff here and there. Frizzy. DRYYYYY. When I first saw this, the first thing my cousin said was “Gimmicky”. Function of Beauty is made in the USA in the big ol’ city of New York City. They let you personalize your shampoo and conditioner to target 5 things you want your shampoo and conditioner to do for your hair. It also tells you to tell them what thickness your hair is and what scent, fragrance strength, and color you want it to be.


It’s pretty cool to be able to personalize your own shampoo and conditioner right down to the name.

I made my shampoo and conditioner different colors because..knowing me I will grab the wrong one and realize after I pumped half of it into my palm. My conditioner is the pink and my shampoo the mint.

I crinkled my paper but the box arrives nicely packaged with your shampoo and conditioner (If you order the set, I got the 8 OZ set to try it out, they also have 32 OZ.) It reminds me which goals I picked, in this case, I chose 5 and they were: Deep Condition, Anti-Frizz, Anti-Aging, Hydrate, and Shine. It explains to you what it means, what the ingredients are, and they are all sulfate-free, paraben free, cruelty free, and made right in the USA.

At first use, the first bit of shampoo made my hair feel weighed down and I felt like I couldn’t fully get the product out of my hair. I wet my hair a bit more and repeated once again. I will give this a thumbs up in terms of lather. I have been using sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner for a couple of years and a lot of them never truly lather. The conditioner makes my hair smooth and soft. I chose the grapefruit hibiscus scent in medium strength and I was overwhelmed the first time but after that, I fell in love with the scent.

I’ve been using my Function of Dylan shampoo and conditioner for about 2 weeks and I can honestly say that I really like it. I haven’t had as much dandruff as I usually do, though I do have a bit since my scalp and overall my skin in general is dry. My hair still looks dry when I leave it to air dry and gets a bit poofy underneath but when I touch it, it’s soft.


Scent: 6/10- I would love for there to be more fragrance choices. I love sweet, refreshing scents and this one is more floraly due to the hibiscus, the other scents just didn’t sound appealing to me. Coconut please!


Appearance of hair: 7/10- If I leave it to air dry, my hair is a tangled mess due to how damaged and dry it is but if I blow dry it, my hair is shiny and soft.

Function: 8/10- I like that you can choose what you want them to do for you and they explain it for you.

Overall I give Function of Beauty a solid 7.5/10. It is a great idea but I would have to keep using it to see if it truly continues to heal my dead hair. I give them kudos for being made in the USA and having good customer service, so what I’ve seen on Facebook. They can still work on other aspects and add more ingredients that could benefit the hair even more and add more scents.

I would give it a try if you are curious! You can purchase it here at their website.


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