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On Wednesday, I headed down to Brooklyn with Susan for a week-long interactive exhibit called the Hall of Magic. By the time I post this, it will be the last day (the 29th) so I apologize that you will not be able to go in person but I wanted to share my time there anyways.

I was lucky enough to be able to drag Susan along with me because it would be no fun by myself.  We landed ourselves in Brooklyn early so we could take a leisurely stroll and enjoy it.  Being from Jersey, I am always in Manhattan but I don’t think I’ve ever really explored Williamsburg. We ended up going to some cute little shops and purchasing matching best friend rings. We went to Rituals and enjoyed getting our ears and noses frozen off by the freezing cold breeze.

We stood on line for our “reservation” of 2pm. There was already a line of people but nothing too crazy. We excitedly made our way inside once the doors opened. The first step was through an awesome tunnel but of course with all my excitement, I forgot to take a picture. When we got through the tunnel we were met with a bright hallways with several doors that were labeled on the floor. The first step was the library.

I truly felt mesmerized. It’s like a dream come true. All of the books pertained to magic and I could not help but getting a Harry Potter feel from it all. NOSTALGIA.

The illumination room was just a room of blinding white light. It was cool to look at but it didn’t wow me that is for sure. The Potions Room was a beautiful small room that had it’s own bar of potions and shelf of ingredients you could take home. We bagged our own tea and some yummy chocolate rocks. The woman behind the counter read our palms to tell us what kind of magic we possessed. I had Illusion Magic and what she said was scary accurate. She said that I was in fashion, a visual person, and very open which all hit the mark. Susan was Nature Magic and that she was a traveller. That girl can’t sit still for her life.

The Forest was mesmerizing. The moment you walked in you were overwhelmed with the pleasant scent of the outdoors and flowers. The sounds and darkness with the glowing flowers just made me really think of Alice in Wonderland.

The next room was by far my favorite. The levitation room.

Battle Magic was a fun interactive space. You had to point or in this case, karate chop the air towards an item to make magic. You could turn the light on and off, change the channel, turn off the tv, turn the fan on and off, and other fun stuff.

The next room was Constellations. When you walked into that room, the floor was ‘grass’ and the room smelled of the outdoors. I honestly just wanted to lie there forever. When you laid on the grass and looked up, you were the constellations. Here we are trying to make a heart; I told Susan we looked like Gemini.

What is through the little peep hole? Let’s find out!

We were bummed to step out into reality again..until we realized we didn’t see the stuff at the entrance so back we went :p.


I felt like one of those talking portraits from Harry Potter.

Anyways, it was a fun experience and I hope that they come back to New York again for those who could not catch it before it ended on January 29th. If you are in the area, try to see if you can get in! It was fun, interactive not only by touch but also sight, smell, and even taste. It tantalized us only until we got out and realized we were starving. To Melt Shop we went!

Limited Time Exhibit: www.hallofmagic.com

Address: 55 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11249

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