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The best two weeks of the year are in full swing–no not the Christmas Season. Restaurant Week.  It’s a great way to feel like a classy bitch on a grad student budget (forever crying).  I started my restaurant week with this snazzy place called Perry St. on no other but Perry St. in Manhattan.

Susan and I walked to Perry St. in the blistering cold while our GPS told us it was only 15 minutes away by foot.  The bastard was a dirty liar as I felt my body shrivel up and die as the wind continued to bring tears to my eyes.  The restaurant was right on the West Side Highway so it was significantly worse than if we were farther away from the Hudson River.

When we finally did arrive at the restaurant, we turned down the street and passed by it a bunch of times. I guess we were blinded by the wind and starvation.

It’s a pretty inconspicuous place that is also part of an apartment building so I guess that is why we kept walking past it.

When we arrived, the place was poppin’ and I felt vaguely out of place in my huge Herschel Supply Co. backpack and my less than pristine hair.  The hostess at the front was sweet and her smile made us relax immediately as she took our coats and we were sown to our seats.

We opened the menu to see that they had the restaurant week menu there. I always check the menus before hand but I thought the restaurant was so pretty, I didn’t check this ones. I was a bit disappointed by the lack of choices: only 2 each for each category.  For appetizers: Beet Salad or Salmon Sashimi.  For entree: Pork Loins or Roasted Hake.  For Dessert: Chocolate Lava Cake or Citrus Pavola.  I dislike beets greatly, sashimi isn’t my thing, I can’t eat pork, the fish didn’t sound impressive, and the only thing I really wanted was the chocolate lava cake.

My eyes caught the other side of the menu that Perry St. had which stated their Winter Menu at $35.  The restaurant week menu for lunch was $29 so those extra few dollars didn’t bother me and they sounded much more delicious.

Once Susan and I ordered, we were given some delicious bread to munch on.  Susan and I both got the steak tartare for an appetizer, she got the black truffle burger and I got the Perry St. fried chicken, and for dessert chocolate lava cake for the both of us.

I forgot to snap pictures of the steak tartare but it was in a neat little row with a fried quail egg on the center, some arugula on a portion, cheese on another, and capers at the other end with a crispy thin row of perfectly toasted bread to eat with it. The waiter came out with a surprise from the chef and said it was on the house. An appetizer of mushrooms.  But both Susan and I were too embarrassed to say that we HATE mushrooms so we nibbled on some of it but for the most part left it untouched. (Sorry chef!)

My fried chicken came with some amazing roasted brussel sprouts and a citrusy, peppery sauce. I was surprised cutting into the chicken as I thought it would have bones. It did not and it was amazing juicy and not dry. Susan wasn’t a fan of the burger because I told her I wasn’t a fan of Brie cheese. The stubborn girl proceeded to tell me she loved ALL cheese. She hated it.  Once she could take off some of the cheese, the burger got a lot better.

And the finale.


Overall, I give the restaurant menu a MEH and their Winter Taste Menu two thumbs up. It was delicious and well worth the price. It felt good to splurge and the food was great. I will probably go again.

If you want to go:

Perry St.

176 Perry St. New York, NY 10014


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