Beauty and the Beast

5C2A4521I love Disney. As you could tell by my last post about heading to Disney for Spring Break because..we can never be too old for Disney, right!?


This is the year Disney has truly been on a roll with new live-action movies in the talks and let’s be honest–I love Emma Watson so she truly was Belle for me.

Anyways, while at Disney, I had to do some shopping at Disney Springs.  We all stopped at Levi’s because it was cold–like super cold. Susan and I were desperate to buy pants. She bought pants..and I didn’t.  I did, however, see they were making custom, embroidered denim jackets and the sales associate let me know they were gonna go on sale that Friday, the day of the release of Beauty and the Beast.


Jacket: Levi’s Original Trucker in “Blue Sounds”(exact one here) // Top: Anthropologie (sold out) // Jeans: Levi’s 711 Skinny Jeans in “In Between the Lines” (exact one here) // Keds: Limited Edition Rifle Paper & Co. (Sold out–Same style here) // Choker: Hot Topic (sold out)
I promised I would return and I did.  They didn’t have my size so I asked them to send it to me back in Jersey once they did. I did splurge a bit but I am in love with the jacket. It’s perfect. It was one of five of each style. So, I believe, 1 of each size in each style. I wanted to get the most classic and I loved the pink on it. Wait for it.



5C2A4526Too bad I didn’t have it for the premiere but I will proudly wear it around!


unspecifiedSHOUT OUT to the Disney Springs Levi’s store, they are all super nice and insanely talented. I am in love with my jacket! <3


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