Flowy and Floral

With the summer heat fluctuating up and down in the city, it’s hard to dress for the day.  It is like an oven on the outside but once you are in the office or school–you are probably freezing your butt off. I usually throw on a sweater, cardigan, or kimono but today called for just some plain ol’ short and a peek-a-boo shoulder.

  Top: Lucky Brand // Shorts: Lucky Brand // Sandals: Lord and Taylor (Old-Similar below)
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I always want to tuck in my shirts into my pants or shorts but my belly always makes me think otherwise.  Ya girls summer bod is ready. This is it. That’s it. Don’t expect some sick abs, you will get a cute little tummy instead.  I’ve come to terms that 1. My thighs will always rub together and make my shorts rise up no matter what. 2. I will always be cold even with a sweater. 3. I’m a hot mess.
Going to graduate school 6:30pm-9:30pm is not as fun as I thought it would be as I always drag myself towards class in the most unflattering and unfashionable clothing–comfort is truly the top priority for me.  This outfit however is cute and comfy.  The shorts are soft and the top gives me lots of room for ventilation for when I’m sweating after running up and down the stairs of the subway.
What are your go-to outfits this summer? It seems the off the shoulder and open shoulder tops are in at the moment. I love open shoulders, not so much the off-the-shoulder, no body has time for strapless bras in 100 degree weather.

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