Chilly Summer Nights: What to Wear?

So how do you wear sweaters in the summer? You don’t. But if you are the type of person who gets chilly especially during the summer nights when the temperature drops, maybe a light sweater is the way to go;as long as there is ventilation (aka boob A/C or shoulder A/C).

The A/C in LIM is brutal. I know I shouldn’t be complaining, but of course, I sit on the side of the classroom where I get the brunt of the frigid air. I have night classes so by the time I leave school; the weather is fresh and breezy. Something I thoroughly enjoy; I think everyone can agree that it is the best thing ever.

Sweater: Urban Outfitters (sold out) // Boyfriend Jeans: Nordstrom (sold out) // Sandals: Lord & Taylor (old)

My mom likes to tease me and straight up say that being chunky, I should be warm but I am the type of person who gets cold very easily, especially on my arms or fingers.  As long as I bring along a hoodie or cardigan, I will be ok but who honestly wants to carry all of that? I struggle to even bring my backpack to school–it’s so heavy!


Ok, serious question to all my petite girls who are 5’4″ and under. How do you wear your boyfriend jeans? I am 5’3 1/2″ so I find that my boyfriend like regular jeans..with a bit of extra bag. It’s aggravating. These jeans were too cute to pass up, so I had to keep pulling them up at the waist to make sure the ripped holes were right on my knee..but ya girl can’t hold her pants up while walking.

This ensemble is perfect for a night where I know I will be in the chilly classroom (I see your Room 4583. I see you.) The sweater from Urban was one I bought while it was still spring and so it is super lightweight and soft to the touch. I was a bit hesitant because I am..ahem a bit gifted at the top and I don’t like to show THAT much cleavage, a PSA to Urban who somehow thinks all girls are flat as boards who shop there. I wish. I paired a nude tank underneath to cover some cleav and make sure I didn’t burn everyone’s eyes off.


The boyfriend jeans are from Nordstrom from an awesome brand called STS Blue. They have some boyfriend jeans that are super cute still on Nordstrom but without the embroidery.  Sakura blossoms are my favorite flower so I had to snag them while I could. I’m a bit short, but I’ll have to make due and see if I can tailor it.

So when you are cold in the summer, throw caution to the wind and wear a lightweight sweater. I won’t judge. Not as hard as those girls who were shorts and Uggs. No. Just no. Sweaters, yes.

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