Dare to Bare All…Shoulders

**Not Sponsored. All opinions are mine and mine alone. Everything in this post was purchased with my own money.**

For a plus-size gal like myself, it took a long time to get comfortable enough to show certain parts of my body.  These include my shoulders and my arms.  They are not the thinnest or the cutest but I am not willing to suffocate and not wear cute things just because they are not what many would consider nice to look at. Screw that.

I know. These cold shoulder tops are every where. I can’t seem to find a cute blouse without picking it up and seeing that they are slit at the shoulder (it’s a blessing and curse–this trend).  What made me love this particular top was that it came from my first ever Stitch Fix box.

I have to give a shout-out to my bestie Andrea for bringing this box to my attention.  It just sounded like such a fun thing to try out and I must admit that I am pleasantly surprised.  I told Stitch Fix that in this box that I had a birthday party to go to so they proceeded to send me a box with the most amazing clothing items.

Ignore my mosquito bite. They truly suck. But in this Stitch Fix, they sent me a wonderful floral cold shoulder dress, some cool and perfectly fitting distressed denim, a white tank that has some great details, a gold clutch, and this cute little blouse.

The styling itself costs $20 but what you keep is up to you. I ended up keeping the whole box and getting the $20 deducted AND 20% off. I did shopping without leaving my house..and without even picking it before hand.  It was fun and exciting.  It’s like waiting for a surprise in the mail.

Top: Skies are Blue (Stitch Fix) // Shorts: Levi’s in Daisy Drive // Sandals: Coach (old) // Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (old) // Choker: Forever 21

By the way, I have been absolutely loving these Levi’s shorts.  The classics are the perfect length so my thighs don’t rub together and die while I walk. The only warning I will give is to maybe size down because while this was tight on the first wear, they were falling off of me on my second.

So live life a little and wear the things you don’t feel comfortable wearing. Experiment out of your comfort zone. Do what you please.  I think this was the main reason I wanted to try Stitch Fix–to broaden my horizons and hopefully like something that I might not have liked if I saw it on the rack. It’s a great way to experiment and a great way to find what you truly love–no matter what it may show. Like my shoulders or my dang mosquito bite.


If you want to try Stitch Fix or at least learn more about it, click here.

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