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School has been death. Between non-stop homework assignments, group projects, and just a lot of brain power in general, I am pooped.  It’s hard to have my second semester set in summer. It makes summer hard to enjoy. But, I suppose this is how the adult life is for everyone, especially those who work.  So now, even if I am tired, I like to go outside even if it is for a stroll around the block or for a snack.  I take advantage of the nice weather and pray I get a little bit of a tan before fall and winter come storming in.

I’ve found myself living in Levi’s Classic Shorts.  They are the perfect length so my thighs don’t rub together and kill me. Yes, my thighs touch. It’s a love-hate thing.  I used to hate showing off my arms as stated in my last blog post but I find that tanks make up the most of my closet, how ironic.

Anyways, I am loving my Stitch Fix boxes.  My second one was not as much as a win as the first one and I only ended up keeping this top. I am a sucker for blue and white, it kind of reminds me of Greece.

I also took a risk with this lip color by Em Cosmetics.  Guys, I am seriously in love with it. Michelle Phan relaunched the brand and I think it is better than ever. I will do a separate review once I get my hands on a few more colors.
I am always one for cute and whimsical bags so it was a strong tie between this particular beauty and the taco bag (bag?). Kate Spade has always been a favorite of mine. This Kate Spade Taco bag won me over because of the cute little chihuahua that sits in the window and the hanging chili peppers. Kate truly knows how to make some cute novelty bags!

Tanks, shorts, and cute bags is how I am spending my summer as well as trying to survive until August. The only thing keeping me sane is planning for my small weekend trip to Disney with my girls Andrea and Susan. The excitement is real.  Until next time.

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