Perfect Summer Outfit

White & Blue: Perfect Summer Outfit

Summer has seemingly just flown by in a blink of an eye. I feel, that despite not being fully able to enjoy my summer, I had a few good weekends to make it  semi-enjoyable.What makes me feel better though are wearing my favorite colors. Colors are everything. They affect your mood and how you perceive things. White and blue make a perfect summer outfit.

I have always found blue to be one of my favorite colors. There is something so calming about it and paired with white, it makes an irresistible duo, at least to me.  I noticed a theme with my past outfit, current one, and a future one I will be posting here on SS, and it’s blue and white.

Romper: American Eagle Outfitters (Old) // Choker: Forever 21 (Old) // Sandals: Coach (Old)// Cardigan: Anthropologie (Old)

On this day, I threw on this adorable romper that I took a gamble on. The cutout was a big struggle for me. I love them and I love how they look, but on a plus-size girl? It was a little bit of a deal-breaker. I’ve been taking a lot of risks when it comes with accepting myself and dressing myself. So, I thought to myself, Ah, what the hell. The romper is cute and I like it, so I am going to wear it and rock. This is the outfit I often find myself grabbing from my closet and wearing out.

This outfit is a bit more skin-baring than I like in general but it was great for my trip to Orlando and it is great now. Even in this ensemble and this color palette, that there is more life and vibrancy to me. Sure, I love my blacks and greys but when I really want to have a pep on my step, I reach for the lighter colors.

The only thing that is truly cramping my style is this huge mosquito bite. Rude.  While my second semester is closing in to an end and my sad but much deserved 10 day vacation is looming on the horizon, I look towards colors to calm my jittered self.  I’m anxious by nature (thanks undergrad!) but even more so when things get to be too much to bear. I find a nice stroll, wearing my favorite colors, and doing simple chores or coloring can calm me down.

White and Blue are the perfect color combo to bring me back to my zen self. As stupid as it may sound, some people just love a certain color and it boosts their mood. Remember that lady who loved lime? If I could, I would decorate my house in white and blue but that topic is for another day.

Pairing this outfit with Em Cosmetics new and emproved (hehehe) lipsticks, I felt like the perkiest person ever. It was also thanks to Starbucks. I needed that caffeine buzz.

If you are curious, the color I am wearing on my lips from Em Cosmetics is called Faded Clementine and you can find it if you simply click on the hyperlink. Bright colors have an affect on me..but yellows are a total no for me.

What colors get you out of your funk? Is it black on black? Grey on blue? Pink on pink? Or the best dang color combo of white and blue? What is your perfect summer outfit?


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