Fall Weather? Not Today

Wearing all black is usually the look that many love and adore but while fall is “here”..it really wasn’t.  The weather in Jersey/New York is still humid and hot which makes wearing all black a bit difficult.  Fall weather..sweater weather..where are you?

Not Today…Puma x BTS

My dear friend Yejin went to South Korea for 2 weeks and while she was there, I asked begged her to see if she could bring me a pair of sneakers. She followed through. That’s a true chingu.

These Puma remind me of any other Puma sneakers but they have little details that mean a lot to my BTS obsessed self.  If you do not know who BTS is, they are a South Korean group who are making waves everywhere. The sneakers feature a small row of silver numbers underneath the brand logo. 20130613–This is the day they became a group and went public.

The back features a hand holding a flower, a way of them saying thanks to their fans.  I got tons of compliments on the sneakers and they are super comfortable.  So, call me BTS Trash but that is what I am.  I am a huge K-Pop fan and with this outfit I wanted it to be known.

Shirt: AllKPop (buy here) // Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters (buy here) // Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (Old) // Bag Strap: Rebecca Minkoff (old) // Sneakers: Puma x BTS (Only sold in South Korea)

The shirt I am wearing is from a town not too far from me so it makes me proud to wear it.  Represent, New Jersey, represent.  I live near towns that have a lot of Koreans. So, I feel lucky since I can really explore the culture just steps away from home.  AllKPop has allowed me to show off some of my obsession.

So thank you fall weather. I will continue to wear black and hope you come sooner next time.


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