Museum of Ice Cream: Miami

Museum of Ice Cream

After finishing Grad school–I still cannot believe how quick almost a year went by..I knew I needed a little break before delving back into job hunting. I have family near Miami and it has been a while since I seen them all and I knew I needed to get away from the freezing cold.

Sprinkle Pool

My cousin Alyssa and I headed to Miami for a fun time at the “Museum” of Ice Cream. We had planned this in advance with buying our tickets a good few weeks ahead of time. Our time slot was for 11:00am and my friend had heard that there is a 20 minute grace period. We made it at around 11:25 due to heavy traffic and they let us in. The first room was the infamous Sprinkle Pool. My cousin and I had agreed we would skip it but once inside, I couldn’t help but want to take a photo. It is the only room that they time you. I felt rushed but I guess I got a good pic out of it.

After the Sprinkle Pool, there was an exit outside into a courtyard. How could I say no to a bright pink wall? So very Miami.

Shake Your Bunns

The next room was the room we could actually get ice cream. It was chocolate ice cream with a light pink whipped cream and radioactive pink cherry. It was all cute but it was standard ice cream.

Every room was fun and interesting for photos. It reminded me of R29 rooms but without having to be rushed through like we were. I was so frustrated with it that I never posted about it–this one was fun to go through and we got samplings of sweet treats in some of them.

Banana Swing

The Banana Swing was fun but I found myself slipping off of it thanks to my skirt.

I felt very Miley Cyrus on this cherry ;D

In this tropical room, we were given chocolate covered Frozen Bananas. They were delicious and a great treat since I did not eat at all that day.

We got some “Melted Ice Cream” which was pretty much a Vanilla Milkshake. It was OK, not one of my faves.

This room was one of my faves because of one of the girls who worked there. She had asked us what we thought about it and we replied honestly that we hadn’t expected much due to bad reviews but we had a good time going through each of the rooms and seeing how everything was put together. It had made her day.

Shirt: Aeropostale (Sold Out) // Skirt: Hot Topic // Shoes: Mall Kiosk

Overall, it was a fun little exhibit to go through with your friends. Don’t expect too much ice cream or too much about the history of it either–it’s not truly a museum. For $40, I was expecting a little more ice cream but it was fun and it’s not too far from Lincoln Road in an Uber so you can head there after. The Museum of Ice Cream does make you get your tickets online ahead of time. We saw many getting turned away at the door because they didn’t have tickets–so plan ahead accordingly if you really wanna go.

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