Time Away

Every time I say I will be posting more, life throws me another curve ball. A few huge milestones have passed. My blog became 5 years old, I graduated with my Master’s in Fashion Marketing, and I’ve thrown myself back into the job search.

With this, comes a lot of anxiety and feelings of doubt and some periods of even giving up. I’ve always tried to be positive but, it can get exhausting. I’ve taken time away to give myself a cooling down period.  I’ve always thought of my blog as a fashion blog but I cannot afford new clothing to make clothing posts as I should–hence the long time periods between each post.

I’m beginning to believe that I want to get back to the roots of why I started a blog. To write and document my life. A lifestyle blog with touches of fashion and beauty and whatever else I feel. Once I secure a job, I am hoping to transition into vlogging on YouTube. Diana of Diana Chamomile (check her out!)–has been my friend since high school and she is slowly poking and prodding me into that direction. I’m a funny person in life but I feel like I cannot translate that here in words.

I spent the day with Diana. We headed to a coffee shop near our hometown and just talked, took photos for our respective blogs/Instagram. I am a 2-year-old and needed to get myself a hot chocolate. It was good until it got lukewarm–yuck.

Sweater: American Eagle (old) // Overalls: Forever 21+ (similar here) // Bag: Henri Bendel (Black here)

Sometimes time away is a good thing. I hope I can continue to grow more positive and really deliver something I am proud of.

One Thought on “Time Away

  1. Love this! Especially the beginning, with which I can agree to the fullest. I guess the motto is “Keep persisting!”? 🙂

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