Dapper Day 2018

Dapper Day WDW Spring 2018

Magic Kingdom

This post is a little more like better late than never. This year I decided to go on a whim at the nudging of my friend and join her at Disney for Dapper Day 2018. It was quite the experience! I enjoyed seeing all the different outfits and being able to make Dapper outfits of my own.

For those who do not know what Dapper Day. It is an unofficial even that is held both in Walt Disney World and Disneyland biannually. During this time, people go to the parks dressed to the nines in their best clothing. It can be Disney inspired or just dapper on its own. I went the latter with Disney inspired.

My first day’s outfit was Cinderella. It was more more like a proper Disneybound than Dapper but I still loved the simplicity of the outfit. The first day was at Magic Kingdom so it was only fitting since it is where Cinderella’s castle is.

I even got to take a picture like a princess! Andrea let me borrow her Danielle Nicole bag and choker for this outfit to give it the finishing touch.

I saw so many people wearing heels that I could not fathom how they were walking. I am all for being true to my outfit but this time I didn’t want to risk it so I wore sneakers. Yes, the horror but my feet were so happy the rest of the day.

I also got to meet new people and just have a fun day. It was sooo packed though and it was extremely hot. The worst part of the whole day was that it is Love Bug mating season. GAG.

Dress: Amazon (exact here) // Petticoat: Amazon (exact here) // Bag: Danielle Nicole (exact here)


The second day of Dapper Day was at Epcot so for that I wanted to do a character that is not as represented: Winnie the Pooh! This was by far my favorite outfit and it was much more dapper!

Andrea was my pair and she was my Eeyore. It was a lot of fun to just walk around and enjoy. We weren’t really rushing to do anything and we sat around and took some cute photos. It was a chill day. I got terribly sunburnt but thank goodness it became a tan. Do not forget your sunscreen like I did!

Top: Unique Vintage (exact here) // Skirt: Amazon (similar here) // Headband: Etsy (Exact here)

I totally recommend going to a Dapper Day if you can! It’s even more fun if you have someone to go with and dress up with.

Dapper Day 2018 was a blast!

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