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Perfect Your Eyebrows

fashion-forward-dark-brows1 (Photo: Portable.TV)

Everyone has their favorite eyebrow shape or look.  I personally like to go medium in width and tidy.  My favorite way to do it? I have low pain tolerance but I still go for threading.  There are many ways to get the brows you want.  But they all come down to threading, waxing, or plucking.  Which is the best for you? Read on to find out!

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New Year, Better Skin


*This is not a sponsored post and I am in no way endorsing this product. This is my honest review and opinion.

While I started of 2014 hoping I would have a little bit more money in my pocket I decided to start the new year off with a big splurge.  I went ahead and got myself a Clarisonic Aria.  I was never one who was big into skincare as I would just throw some water on my face and head out but now I know I want to take care of my skin while it is still youthful and free of big worries such as wrinkles.

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Ipsy: November 2013

ipsynov2013It’s been a while since I posted and I apologize! With the end of a semester growing nearer, professors feel the need to dump projects and papers onto us.  I did receive my October Ipsy but I never had the change to post it up.  I will try to get it up soon!

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The Beginning of the End…of Internships?



Internships are a gateway to a career.  In this day and age, unfortunately, most are unpaid which leads to heated debates and lawsuits being flung left and right like a frisbee.  While it would be nice to get paid for the work that I do as an intern, all I really care about is being treated right and gaining experience from it all.  I’ve been blessed that I’ve never been taken advantage of (knock on wood) and my bosses are the sweetest in the world. Read More →

Straight Hair, Don’t Care

evelyn-putnam-designs-2-1277501-regularAs humans, I find we are never really happy with what we have.  If you have straight hair, you want curly hair.  If you have straight hair, you want curly hair.  If you are flat-chested, you want more and vice versa.  Why are we always striving to change ourselves?  Why are we never content?  I stopped and thought of this while I was sitting on the hard folding chair as my mother was half through the painstaking, 8-hour process of taming my frizzy and curly hair.

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Ipsy: September 2013

photo 4Hello Spices! My Ipsy came fairly early this month and was quite a surprise.  I didn’t know what I was receiving because I had not checked my Glam Room so it was left a surprise.  This bag isn’t one of my favorites but I always appreciate the things I get.

Let’s get to it!

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Steals and Deals

Hello Spices! Sorry I have been a bit MIA, the new school year is back in session and I am still trying to get used to having to wake up at a relatively normal time.  Getting into the swing of things, I noticed that my wallet has gotten substantially smaller since the beginning of summer.  It was high time I got into the groove of finding some deals whether it was specials, clearance racks, coupons, or promos.  I just needed anything that would help me save a nickel or a dime.  This is where StudentRate comes in.

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Ipsy August 2013

photo(40)It’s that time of the month, spices! My Ipsy arrived about a week ago and I’ve been pushing back this post for quite a while but I know there are a lot of curious people out there who want to know what some people got versus others, so here it goes!

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Back to School Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Back to School Giveaway

Hello Spice Girls (and guys)!  With school coming closer and the weather that is bound to change, I found it fit to have a little giveaway.  I am having a giveaway with the wonderful Veronica from The Beauty Archive. We are teaming together to give you some great goodies!

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Ipsy: July 2013


Hello everyone!  This past week and prior week is a little busy but I’ve decided to relax a little and finally get to that Ipsy review! Here it is! Enjoy.

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