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Advantages to Not Dorming

prostonotdormingEvery high schoolers dream is to move out of their house and live on their own.  The best way to get the taste of the independent life? Dorming.  However, it is not the end of the world if you do not dorm whether it is your choice or not.  Many students tend to stay home and commute.  I am one of those.  I did not choose this upon myself.  My family is not very religious but when it comes to dorming or sleeping over and things like that, they have a firm say.  I did not argue and I honestly don’t feel like I miss out on too much.  Here are some pros to commuting instead of dorming.

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Back to School Fashion Series: Part 2: Boots & Booties

Boots and Booties

Hello Spices! I know school is approaching fast and it is officially back to school shopping time so I wanted to show you the different boots and booties there are out there, somewhere.  Fall isn’t fall without all the beautiful boots and ankle booties.  They just scream fall to me and I get really excited seeing less flip flops and more heels.

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Back to School Fashion Series: Part One: Sweaters & Cardis


Hello my little spices! There are some exciting times brewing at Sartorial Spice as the weather begins to show signs of cooling down. I’ve finally gone self-hosted! So you can expect a lot more giveaways and maybe a guest blogger or two.

Today, I woke up and was surprised by how chilly it was outside.  Fall is arriving and there is no stopping it! I’ve decided to make a series of Back to School Fashions complete with product sets and some of my favorite items out there.  There will be items of every budget but I will of course try to hit below the $100 or $200 marks.  I do know some ladies love to splurge on shoes though, so those will be the priciest items.

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How to Choose a Major

How to Choose a Major

Young adults everywhere are packing up their things to start heading off to college.  Many might have their whole career mapped out in front of them, while others don’t know what they are going to study or do.  Don’t fret! Everyone has been there one point or another.  I was one of the hopefuls who was sure about going into Physical Therapy and I was a Biology major.  As September grew closer, I grew unsure and then I realized I didn’t love it.

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