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How to Revive Old Denim with Embroidery

DIY: Easy Embroidery

Crafitiness is not in my blood.  Sewing is always something I’ve had an interest in but never the confidence to pursue it. I might try it for real one day but for now, hand-sewing and embroidery is where I am going to start.  Embroidered jeans are so in and for a while, I have been obsessing over them, but it can be expensive. The solution? I took a pair of denim that I had lying around and began to personalize it a bit to my taste. Read More →

A Little Spring in Your Step

1926718_10152061495258224_480862070_nI’m really getting tired of this weather between the snow, high winds, and temperatures that are now dipping under 10 degrees–not cool!  What better way to relax on a frigid weekend then staying home and doing a DIY!  This project was part of my project for my full-time internship.  I was working on the Waverly brand.  Waverly has many beautiful fabrics and I had the opportunity to pick from many fabrics and use them to my liking.

What did I Waverize? A pair of heels!

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Ink Blot Coasters

inkblot*Every month for a year I will receive a Darby Smart DIY Box in exchange for a review.  All opinions are mine and only mine.

My February DIY box was something that I was not expecting.  Then again, I never know what to expect from these boxes and that is what I love most about them.  This month I received Ink Blot Coasters.

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DIY Marquee Board

IMG_0861I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with all your family and friends!  I am a bit bummed that the holiday season is already over.  I absolutely love the feeling of it all.  I am aware of how much I have been slacking and the lack of fashion posts and I am hoping that 2014 can be the year of overhaul.  I need to learn how to use the darn tripod!

I had been given the opportunity to be a Darby Smart Editor*.  Every month for a year I will be receiving DIY projects which I will be documenting on my blog.  I absolutely love doing DIY and arts and crafts and this is a great box subscription that will let you try your hand in it.

For the month of December, it was a DIY Marquee Board which you can hang or place anywhere you like and it could even be used for the upcoming New Years!

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DIY Vase Decor

photo(51)Upon arriving at my aunt’s house, I simply relaxed on the couch, watching some tv.  She soon arrived upstairs with some cute flowers and set them in this vase. I thought it was really cute and I soon found out that she had decorated it herself, which gave it a beautiful unique look.  I think it went very well with the “flowers” which are in fact a type of dry grass.

Here is what you will need:

  • Vase
  • Craft Glue
  • Beads
  • Flowers


It’s a fun and easy DIY.  You apply the glue to the vase and apply the beads.  My aunt applied a few with something that had a point but when it came to the smaller beads she pressed them all against the glass.  You can really go anyway you want with this and even make a spiral or floral design.

It’s also relatively inexpensive going from $0-10 if you have a vase lying around and with summer coming closer the flowers and plants are abundant.  You could find most of the supplies at a local craft store or dollar store.



Jewels- DIY Accessories!

Jewelry and accessories excite me to no end.  They can make any outfit pop or completely change the vibe.  As a fashion major, one of the requirements is to do a studio art class.  They are drawing, painting,ceramics, photography, etc.  I decided I am going to take a jewelry-making class.  I’ve never been the artistic one and it usually makes me nervous to dive into something completely foreign.

I tried to register for it but it filled up so I am going to have to take it in the spring semester.  I decided I would practice so I went to the local Micheal’s and purchased a jewelry kit and a set of tools.  I’m having a blast, let me tell you! It’s not as easy as it looks; all the pieces are really teeny tiny and it takes a lot of patience and hunching over.

I’ve completed the earrings but moved on to the more difficult necklaces.



The tiny beads will make the chain to go around the neck. Very labor intensive!

If you like the beads and the earrings then here is the set you should purchase. It was $16 and has an instruction booklet. I think it’s great for beginners and after I start understanding everything I hope I can purchase beads and wires and make my own jewelry! But for now I feel proud looking at my completed earrings!

What do you do for fun? Do you make jewelry?I would love to hear about it!


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