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Collective Haul: Summer Purchases

Collective Haul

Hello Spices,  I’ve decided to do a haul post since I know a lot of people like seeing what others get and maybe like it so much they would like to know where to purchase it.  (I’ve discovered items this way and I love it).  I will put all my home, fashion, and food purchases.

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Ipsy August 2013

photo(40)It’s that time of the month, spices! My Ipsy arrived about a week ago and I’ve been pushing back this post for quite a while but I know there are a lot of curious people out there who want to know what some people got versus others, so here it goes!

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Sephora Beauty Haul

Sephora Beauty Haul

I know, I know..I haven’t updated in a while but I’m nearing my end of the semester and this is my last week of classes before Finals so this will probably be my only post for the next two weeks. I’ve been wanting to write this but I had to put it on the back burner.

On the bright side, I am now a VIB (Very Important Beauty Insider) at Sephora, which means I spent $350 in a calender year. Yes, even I cringed a little and wondered out loud what I even bought!

In this haul, I bought several things, take a look:


Tokyomilk Dark Lip Elixirs #36 Salted Caramel, Deluxe Sample of Fresh Rose Face Mask, Per-fekt Brow Perfecting Gel in Expresso, Tarte EmphasEYES Inner Rim Brightener, and butter LONDON in Macbeth

TokyoMilk Dark Lip Elixir #36: I only bought this item as I needed to get to the free shipping total and the amount that would give me the VIB status.  I didn’t think I would obsess over it and force every one of my friends to smell it.  The description was enough to reel me in but the scent was ah-may-zing.  I purchased Salted Caramel.  If you’ve ever tried the Caramel Frappe’s from McDonald’s then it smells and I would think tastes exactly like it! It leaves my lips soft and gives off a wonderful aroma for the while that your olfactory senses allows it to.


Purchase at Sephora, $7

Tarte EmphasEYES in NUDE: Everyone that knows me can see that I have terrible dark circles under my eyes thanks to a mixture of heredity and a bad habit of staying up too late. I wear concealer, foundation, and the works but I find myself looking exhausted and tired after a long night of cramming or procrastinating (I would like to a say a combination of both). Black liner is pretty and I love it but it does nothing for my dark circles, if anything, it showcases them so to combat the problem I purchased this liner. It’s surprisingly pigmented and you do not need to press hard to get the color to glide on. You glide some on your inner rim and the sides and you look much more awake. It is also great to give your eyebrows some definition and arch if you put some underneath. Love it! A little steep in the price, but from what I see it is well worth it!




Here, I offered a small swatch. I didn’t need to press too hard to get it.

Per-Fekt Brow Perfection Gel in Expresso: I have my eyebrows threaded every two weeks if I have time, if not sometimes I let them get a little unruly, to my despise. To keep my just threaded or reasonable look I use my eyebrow brush to brush the hairs back neatly. I want to fake it as long as I can so that is why I purchase this. It will not only hold the hairs in place but it will let me give them a bolder look without having to reach for an eyebrow pencil. As a Middle Eastern girl, eyebrows give my face a whole different look.  It really does matter. The brush is just like a mascara brush and allows you to control just how much you want. It also comes in different shades.  Once again, the price is a little steep but I see a little going a long way so once again it is a great product to invest in!




butter LONDON “Macbeth”: I’ve only heard good things about this brand. I’ve always been an Essie or OPI girl thanks to my mother’s great discounts but I wanted to give this brand a shot. Believe me, the $15 price tag nearly killed me as I clicked the purchase button but now while it still hurts, I adore the brand and the colors.  The colors are unlike anything I’ve ever seen and you don’t get that strong formaldehyde scent with it either. It goes on smoothly and uniformly. I was unable to take a picture so I will supply you with 2 I found on Polyvore. I hope to buy a few more as treats in the future. For $15, it’s a lot buttt..the color is so pretty!

Untitled #80

This was my Sephora Beauty Haul! I have not yet tried the Rose Mask Sample but once I do I will most definitely do a review on it! I’ve always got a few more post ideas lined up but I will get working on them once finals finally end!

Being In Love Truly is Dissapointing

Today was a good day. I woke up bright and early, dressed up nicely and took a bus into NYC. The weather was gorgeous; the sun was shining, it was in the high 40s, and I had Shake Shack! What could be better?!

My Prabal Gurung x Target purchases were coming today, that was what! I love ordering things online because when it arrives in the mail it is like Christmas! I know what I got..but I can’t wait to actually try it on, it feels amazing.

I ripped the bags open with a rapid speed, not knowing which bag contained which item as I ordered each separately. The first bag contained the Neon Yellow Lace Skirt and First Date printed Blouse. When I first touched the material I was surprised; it was silkier than I thought it would be. It is smooth and flowy.

Excuse the wrinkles

I slipped it on and alas, the sizing was off. It’s arm holes are large and kind of stick out in the back while I am not HUGE chested (38 C) but it gaped at the chest. I will have to sew it shut or add a special hidden button. I will definitely use it and put it to good use.

The skirt was way off sized. It was a 16–as I am usually a 14. It was super tight at the waist and I struggled to put in the clasp, I had to put it a little higher up on my waist for it to fit, snug but it fit. I suppose this will be a good motivator for me to loose an inch or two. I think that Shake Shack was a bad idea!

It looks better on, trust me!

The floral fit and flare dress was a win! I was afraid it would be too big but it fit like a glove. I am in love with it and have nothing bad to say about it! I love the white panels at the waist and the hot pink zipper, it will be a great spring staple!

The black and First Date printed dress was a fail. It was the one I was most looking forward but the sleeves were unbelievably tight,so tight that I could not close the dress fully. So sadly, I have to return it. It felt as if it were a size too small and the material had no give in the arms.

No give so I won’t take.

This is my favorite of all: The wedges. Shoes fit you no matter what size you are and I love it. That is probably why the shoes in the collection sold out the fastest. Everyone was complaining that they were a size too big; but for me they were a perfect 9. They were well-made, cute, and had a zipper in the back which left me very happy. The strap is adjustable and it has a colorblocked wedge. Keeper, I think so.

Here are my grades for the collection out of a 5, 5 being the highest.

Style: 5
Fit: 2
Quality: 4
Overall: 3

While I loved the collection and many of the pieces, the fit of it was all wrong. What is the point of having such a great collection if the fit doesn’t work? I’m keeping many of the items but I will be returning one or two. I think the best items were the wedges in all honestly. If you managed to snag them, consider yourself lucky!


Another Charming Charlie Haul+BaubleBar

I must admit it– I am a shopaholic. I don’t know what it is..I think it is the excitement of having new to add to your collection that makes it so intoxicating.

I decided to get more jewelry because you know you can never have too much jewelry. Spring is fast approaching so I wanted to get more color. I don’t really have many accessories because I feel like my style is shifting.

Special Occasion Pearls,  $15.
Small Bubbles Set, $13

Band with Key Lock Ring,$6
Enamel Flower, $8

Single Rolo Strand, $27

This is my haul. I did purchase a cute earring set with bows, flowers, and the Eiffel Tower BUT with my lock I lost one of the flower earrings at school :(.

I thought the pearls would be a great necklace to have. It is a classic staple and you could wear it up or down. It will add a sophisticated touch to any outfit. The Bubble Set is a peach color and I recently wore it with a V-Neck Puff sleeved Striped shirt. It made my outfit look very dressy despite it not being ceramic. I even saw a similar necklace at J Crew for 3 times the price!

The ring is adorable. I love how it has a little key hanging from it. It’s a perfect thing to wear on Valentine’s day. It’s tiny and you could stack other rings on top of it.

I just love color and why not orange? The earrings will be a great way to incorporate color into my outfit subtly. I like adding color in the form of accessories and not having to wear a neon green shirt to get my point across.

That’s all for my Charming Charlie haul now onto BaubleBar.

I only purchased one item from BaubleBar but it’s amazing quality and it’s a staple I think I will come to wear a lot. I fell in love with BaubleBar while interning for Quincy. I believe they partnered up once so that was exciting.

This gold necklace can be worn as a collar as well. When it arrived in the mail, it was in the cutest green and blue box. I opened the box to find this adorable little pouch, when I picked it up I was surprised at how heavy the necklace was. It’s very, VERY heavy; just the thought of it makes my neck ache a little but I won’t let that stop me from wearing it!

I most definetly recommend BaubleBar. They have amazing jewelry at amazing quality. They also have something called The Vault. They are points you can use to deduct a few dollars from your total. I think I will have to keep my eye on my bank account as I am very tempted to purchase a bracelet from them!

Charming Charlie Haul

Like I promised, I said I would do a haul. I decided to treat myself (but not go crazy either!) I went to a new store they opened by my house called Charming Charlie. Let me tell you, I could not contain my excitement the second I stepped into the store. It was an accessory overload. There were so many colors and they were all color-coordinated. There were purses, scarves, shirts, sweaters, dresses, belts, necklaces, earrings, and oh so much more.

I swooped in faster than my poor friend John could blink. I literally went around the store a good 3 times to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I grabbed 6 things, but two of them were gifts for my cousin Sherine (Love you girl!)

I love their tagline: Peace, Love, & Accessorize

The first item I grabbed was a very sheer, cream and white colored scarf. I love scarves, they are a great way to accessorize without trying too hard.  I liked this because while I have many scarves this one felt silky and would allow me to wear bold colors and add this to tone it down.

Modern Geo Scarf, $15

I then grabbed 2 of the Light Pink stud set. I love little studs and these was all baby pink. There are 6 pairs of earrings The first stud is a pink diamond stud, the second is the same stud with a gold ornate rim, the third small pink pearls, the fourth a shiny pink jewel with a gold outer, the fifth is covered in little pink dots, and the last is pink dangling earrings. Simple and cute.

Vintage Dolls Earrings, $10

The next item I grabbed was one that caught my eye in a sea of gold. It was a braided gold bracelet. I really love bracelets, especially since now the whole trend is to layer and stack them. I really like it because it has a magnetic back and doesn’t have the usual lobster clasp, which I feel is a pain to put on yourself.

Gold Bracelet, $12.97
 The last two I purchased I thought was a steal. They are a green and “red” (it looks more of a plum to me) watch bracelet. I am a bit torn on which to keep for myself and which to give as the gift. Maybe you guys can help me! I originally bought the green one for myself but the plum looks amazing as well. They are perfect to stack, I layered it with 2 spike bracelets I was wearing and I knew I had to have it. They were actually half off the original price!
Green Watch, $9.99


Dark Red Watch, $9.99  That’s all!
I hope you all
Enjoyed my haul!
xoxoxo, Dylan


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