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Good Things Happen to Those Who Wait!

It’s been a hectic past few weeks between all my school assignments and projects. I’ve been going non-stop to interviews and it’s been exhausting! I thought it was my part-time job! But all the waiting and going to interviews has finally paid off! I am going to be a Marketing/PR intern for a jewelry company (WOO!) I just hope I can finish this semester quick so I can have more time to blog!

I will give some tips about internships and what to expect by tomorrow!

Spring = New Beginnings

I’ve been absent for a little and for that, I am sorry. Ever since I came back from Spring Break I have been drowned in tests, midterms, projects, and work. I’m glad to be a busy body though! I’ve been non-stop going to interviews as well. Hopefully I get a call soon!

Registration begins soon at my university and I am taking on a new challenge! I want to get a Makeup Artistry Certification. I am not that great of a makeup person but I want to learn to be able to do my own makeup even better. Yay!

I would love to hear from other bloggers. What made you blog? What are you hopes for your blog and what is your blog all about?

As Luck Would Have It

I was going to upload photos and write several different posts when lo and behold my camera refuses to even give me the option of uploading when I plug it into the computer. My Macbook isn’t even sensing it when I plug the USB in..great. I’m going to have to resort to using my phone and well..hopefully save up enough to buy a nice camera.

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway here.

You can put your email and name at the bottom of any post, just so I know who to contact when the computer randomly picks. I will be using for that so I have no say in it!

Enjoy 🙂

Interview Outfit

So, yesterday I had two internship interviews..on opposite sides of NYC. I am not one who likes taking the subway so I WALKED across town and back, needless to say I can barely move today.

I had fashion internship interviews but I like dressing up opposed to risking it and dressing in some jeans and booties or some cute shirt. I went with an all black ensemble, natural makeup, and minimum jewelry except for my statement necklace. I wish I could have taken a better photo but I need to have someone do them for me. Hopefully soon!


Again, I apologize for the terrible photo and I will try to see if I can get someone to be my photographer.

Wearing: Black sleeveless blouse from JCP, Black Skinny Pants from GAP, Black Suede Wedges from Payless, Black Blazer from Forever 21+, Collar from Francesca’s.

Breezy and Beautiful

Florida really is a great place to relax and enjoy the sunshine. It’s been too cool to go to the beach unfortunately, but that isn’t stopping me from eating some wonderful food!

I went to a great little Spanish restaurant in Hialeah and had a delicious lunch of Salmon with caramelized onions, white rice, and a little bit of fries (Double starch, oops!) I will get back to my daily grind once I head back home on Monday.


I also leave you with some pretty flowers! It must be a sight for sore eyes!



Olive Oil & It’s Multitude of Uses

Things that have more than one use are great as they are cost efficient. One of the best we’ve heard? Olive oil. It is delicious in our salads and drizzled on different dishes but it can also be used in your beauty routine!

1. Makeup Remover

We’ve given this a try and we were delighted at the results. You dab a little extra virgin olive oil onto a cotton ball or cotton pad and wipe away that make up. It comes off easily and it leaves you skin soft and supple. It is also much more cost efficient and no plastic bottles!

2. Untangle Tangled Chains

You pull out one of your gold necklaces to put on for a dinner party and you find it is a tangled mess, even the mere sight of it is enough to make you give up. Put a drop of olive oil on it to lubricate it and make it much easier to untangle.

3. Moisturizer

Olive oil is amazingly delicate and doesn’t clog up your pores as you would think. Put some on your skin and rub in. A little goes a long way and you will notice a difference right away.

4. Shaving

Olive oil is slick allowing the blades to glide right over your skin, effectively taking away those pesky little hairs without nicking yourself. You could also put some olive oil on right after as a moisturizer.

5. Control Frizz

Comb some olive oil through your hair to avoid fly-aways and static. It’s great for those really humid days or the especially drying winter days.

Life is Full of Obstacles

Today, my mother went to her doctor appointment for a check up. They sent her to the Emergency room and now she might stay there overnight. This is the second time in the past 2 months. I’m really upset because I don’t have a car to go drive to the hospital to visit. She really stresses too much about the little things and she is very particular in how she wants things,leading her to yell. Her hemoglobin fell very low and they say she has internal bleeding.

I think I’m going to go to the mall with my cousins, buy her a nice big dinner to go, take her personal things and a charger and visit her a little. I’m wondering if I should call out of work in case she comes home tomorrow but I work 5pm-10pm. Ah, I don’t know.

I just hope my poor mother gets better and decides to take care of herself even more. This is no way to spend the new year.


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