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ron-hermione-1J.K Rowling’s recent interview revealed to light that she regretted the relationship of the fiery Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley and admitted that Harry Potter should had wed her instead.

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Be My Valentine

valentines*Sponsored Post. Every month for a year I will be receiving Darby Smart kits to try and review. The reviews and opinions are all mine and are no way affected by being sponsored.

Returning from my too-short vacation in the sunny state of Florida, I arrived to find my Darby Smart already ripped open by my curious father.  I took a peek and immediately grew excited.  Inside was a can that said ‘Sprinkles’.  Now, if you don’t know Sprinkles, it’s a rather semi-famous bakery that started in California and soon spread it’s wings into New York City.  I’ve been wanting to go for as long as I could remember but could never make time with my busy school schedule and multitude of internships.

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New Year, Better Skin


*This is not a sponsored post and I am in no way endorsing this product. This is my honest review and opinion.

While I started of 2014 hoping I would have a little bit more money in my pocket I decided to start the new year off with a big splurge.  I went ahead and got myself a Clarisonic Aria.  I was never one who was big into skincare as I would just throw some water on my face and head out but now I know I want to take care of my skin while it is still youthful and free of big worries such as wrinkles.

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So Long 2013, Hello 2014

photo(60)It’s been a whirlwind of a year.  I feel like it’s just flown by and it’s had it’s ups and downs.  I feel blessed with all I have and all that has been accomplished in just 364 days.  I started this jar last year and read some things I didn’t even know I accomplished or didn’t remember.
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Les Cinq Amandes



cinqamandesI was completely ecstatic when I received this box in the mail the day after my 21st birthday.  It was perfect timing!  I had the opportunity to try these wonderful treat from Five Almonds.*

Les Cinq Amandes is located in Stamford, CT and they make artisan delicacies with a mission.  According to Les Cinq Amandes, “In the mid-17th century, European aristocrats celebrating weddings and special occasions would offer their guests five confectionary almonds symbolizing wishes for happiness, health, wealth, longevity and fertility.”

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Gift Guide for the Techie

giftChristmas is approaching fast and you find yourself overwhelmed.  There are so many things on the market but every friend and family member has a different personality.  How can you find the best gift for them?  Don’t worry! Just sit back and read because I did all the research.  With all the gifts under $150, it can fit anyone’s budget!  Here are some the best gifts to get your techie loved one. If you love what you see, just click the picture and it will send you to the page.

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Ipsy: November 2013

ipsynov2013It’s been a while since I posted and I apologize! With the end of a semester growing nearer, professors feel the need to dump projects and papers onto us.  I did receive my October Ipsy but I never had the change to post it up.  I will try to get it up soon!

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American Girl

americangirlLast Sunday, I had the opportunity to volunteer for Hackensack University Medical Center to raise money and benefit their children’s hospital.  It was a day I wouldn’t trade for the world. I managed to rise up early 6am to get ready.  I threw on a Radiohead t-shirt, my Ed Sheeran varsity jacket, blue jeans and Steve Madden boots.  The hospital is only a short 15 minutes away and we had to arrive by 7:30am.

My friend, Leah, had signed me up prior to even asking me because I had been telling her how much I’ve been wanting to volunteer.  We were given the position of backstage-Model Dressers.  This fashion showcases girls ages 6-12 and they had multiple costume changes.  Being a fashion major, I’ve always wanted to witness the hectic nature of being backstage at a show.  This was no big fashion week show but it was still a lot of pressure as they needed to head off to hair and makeup after we dressed them.

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The Ed Team


EdheaderYesterday was my 3rd Ed Sheeran concert in NYC.  I feel in love with Ed three years ago thanks to Tumblr and my obsession with Harry Pottter.  Everyone had been reblogging this video that I have never heard or seen before with Rupert Grint in it.  His vocals grabbed my attention right away but I must admit I wasn’t keen with the slowness of the song.  It grew on me and I researched all things Ed.  Here I am today.  Another thing that grabbed me was his fiery hair, anyone who knows me knows I have a thing for gingers and while he isn’t the most gorgeous, I just find myself swooning.  Last night’s show was no different.

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The Beginning of the End…of Internships?



Internships are a gateway to a career.  In this day and age, unfortunately, most are unpaid which leads to heated debates and lawsuits being flung left and right like a frisbee.  While it would be nice to get paid for the work that I do as an intern, all I really care about is being treated right and gaining experience from it all.  I’ve been blessed that I’ve never been taken advantage of (knock on wood) and my bosses are the sweetest in the world. Read More →


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