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2012 in Review

 This post is a little late, but it is better late than never. A lot has happened this year now that I think back and it is mind-boggling just how much has happened in 365 days. It’s a little exhausting and daunting just to think about it.

I remember the goods and the bads. I will go over the bads first.

I lost many friends. I suppose it is because of college and how we are literally spread out into different states but I wish that they took the time to reach out. At first, I did all the reaching out but it was exhausting and I felt like I was the only one trying to keep the friendships together. I stopped trying to contact them after a while and I felt that I stopped missing them as much. It made me realize how much they valued me as a friend. They didn’t. We were a trio+1. I was the plus 1. They had all been friends in elementary until I met them all in high school and was accepted. Oh, how it was a blast..all the laughs and good times we had.All the drama and the fights.

I haven’t made too many new friends and I am not much to blame. It seems even in university there are cliques and there had been many friendships already formed. I decided not to sweat it and just immerse myself into school.

Two very important people in my life passed away. A very sweet old woman who was our neighbor a couple of years ago until we moved a town over. We kept in contact and she would always without fail remember my birthday, despite being forgetful. I cried when I heard she passed, I hadn’t gotten to see her in a year, never got to say goodbye. I know she is in a good place now.

My aunt in Dubai also passed away. I had not seen her personally in over 7 years. I miss her dearly. I was in shock to hear she was in a coma and I prayed she would come out of it, but sadly there wasn’t much to be done. She passed away before her youngest daughter’s wedding.

The good things far outweigh the bad now that I think back on it. I had been going crazy since a year ago to find a part-time retail job. I applied to nearly every store in the mall and was thrilled when I was offered a job on the spot to Vans; but it was short-lived. It was a temporary sales associate job, only 90 days. I started in August and when I say I got home sore,I got home dead. They NEVER gave me my 15 minute break, my co-workers never tried to talk to me, and I just felt disconnected to everyone. The first day I remember I fell off the ladder and slammed my back into the metal shelves.No one noticed. I quit in September because I was very unhappy and I could not bear to continue to work for $8.00 an hour without any breaks or appreciation. I had also been offered a job at Baby Gap for much better pay and it was permanent.

In August, I joined an online magazine branch in my university called Her Campus. Primarily, I had wanted to write but I felt I had too much on my plate and was not as confident writing about topics chosen for me so I took the Public Relations/Social Media Contributor job and went to an amazing conference in NYC.

I started my job at Baby Gap in September, right when I began school. Let me tell you, it may be a huge hassle for me to take a bus and a train to work and back, and the customers may be less than polite, but I love my job. My co-workers are amazing and it’s like a family, they always thank me for my hard work, and I made a great friend (Hey Twin~).

In October, I found and got my first internship at Quincy. I love it. Sometimes I feel like I have a lot going on but I try to prioritize and make the best of my experience. I was hired right on the spot to my relief. I had gone to about 4 internship interviews without avail. I was also a marketing/PR intern but some things happened and now I am the Social Media/PR intern. Not only did this happen but I was promoted from Public Relations/Social Media contributor to Social Media Director.

I finally finished the semester in December and my GPA had risen and had found myself on the Dean’s list, needless to say I was very proud of myself.

I met my role model, J.K Rowling, I didn’t cry surprisingly but I think it was just shock. I also went to see Ed Sheeran TWICE this year. I honestly love him and his music and his story inspired me to work just as hard as he had done to get to where he is now.

My New Years Resolutions would be the following: Lose weight, make some great friends, work hard, go to Florida, save money, and write for Her Campus.

I really hope 2013 can go just as well as 2012. Here’s for wishing for a great new year!


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