Back to School

Well, I am back in University and man..I am already stressed! I have two days of school: Tuesday and Thursday BUT they are both from 8:30am-8:00pm. It’s exhausting and it’s hard to get 4 classes of homework done in one day.

Another update is Quincy closed down. It was the internship I was interning for and I can’t help but be really sad. I hate when businesses close down but everything happens for a reason.

Later tonight or tomorrow I will put up my makeup haul as well as my shopping haul from several stores!

Exciting times ahead, lots of work to do.

Toodles xoxoxo

Nail Care Products

We paint, we bite, we use them a lot. Our nails need a little help now and then. They become brittle and break easily much to our dismay, so how can we stop this?

One thing that is best to do is give your nail a break in between nail polishes. Each time you swipe on that nail polish remover it weakens your nail. It strips your nail of nutrients and dries it out. While you nail has nail polish on it, it is lacking the oxygen and sunlight it needs, which also weakens it.

There are some great items on the market from creams to special oils.

Nail and Cuticle Care

The best, in my opinion, is Avoplex by OPI. It leaves the nails shining, healthy and strong after a week of straight use. Hangnails stopped appearing and the cuticles were as healthy as can be!

There are many different products and the best way to find which works for you is by actually trying and comparing them.

How to Lessen the Appearence of Dark Circles

Dark circles are pesky, unsightly, and difficult to get rid of. There are a number of reasons that you may have dark circles; the main reasons are heredity, lack of sleep, swelling of blood vessels, and vitamin deficiency. There are products on the market designed to help lessen the appearance, we have made a list to help you decide which is the best for you as well as something you can do to help.

1. Get more sleep

Sleep is the best way to relax and let your body rejuvenate itself. An average adult needs about 7-9 hours of sleep, even more so if you are a high school or college student.

2. Eat well and take vitamins

Your body tells you when something is wrong and dark circles are one of them. Make sure your body is getting all the nutrients and vitamins for it to keep looking healthy and young.

3. Cosmetics

If you are like me and all else fails, it may be heredity and sadly there isn’t much you can do but try to cover it up. There are creams and concealers that claim to help.

My Picks:

Best Concealers

Olive Oil & It’s Multitude of Uses

Things that have more than one use are great as they are cost efficient. One of the best we’ve heard? Olive oil. It is delicious in our salads and drizzled on different dishes but it can also be used in your beauty routine!

1. Makeup Remover

We’ve given this a try and we were delighted at the results. You dab a little extra virgin olive oil onto a cotton ball or cotton pad and wipe away that make up. It comes off easily and it leaves you skin soft and supple. It is also much more cost efficient and no plastic bottles!

2. Untangle Tangled Chains

You pull out one of your gold necklaces to put on for a dinner party and you find it is a tangled mess, even the mere sight of it is enough to make you give up. Put a drop of olive oil on it to lubricate it and make it much easier to untangle.

3. Moisturizer

Olive oil is amazingly delicate and doesn’t clog up your pores as you would think. Put some on your skin and rub in. A little goes a long way and you will notice a difference right away.

4. Shaving

Olive oil is slick allowing the blades to glide right over your skin, effectively taking away those pesky little hairs without nicking yourself. You could also put some olive oil on right after as a moisturizer.

5. Control Frizz

Comb some olive oil through your hair to avoid fly-aways and static. It’s great for those really humid days or the especially drying winter days.

Harry Potter Rings

As everyone who personally knows me, I am a full-blown Potterhead. I absolutely love it and now that it’s over, I find myself wanting to show the world my love for it is still strong. These rings are subtle, adorable, and a great way to add a touch of you to your outfits. They come in 3 metallics: gold, gunmetal, and silver.

You can buy them here.

How to Deal with Chapped Lips

The cold has yet to cease and our poor skin, hair, and lips are taking a pounding. We put on endless amounts of Chapstick but to no avail. What else could we do?

Lip Scrubs are a great item to invest in and add into your beauty and care routine. They rid your lips of dead skin cells and reveal and new layer. There are many great lip scrubs out there but our personal favorite is from Lush. They come in great flavors and are edible—bonus! Protect your new, smooth lips with a layer of your favorite lip balm or chapstick.

Start a new bedtime routine by smoothing on some lip balm before bed. A lot of times without realizing it we sleep with our mouths open, leaving our throats dry, imagine how your lips are when you wake up. You can protect them before hand. A great lip treatment to invest in is Sugar Lip Treatments. They glide on and Fresh has the scent of lemon and sugar—la la love!

Do Avoid licking your lips. Your saliva and the cold dry out your lips even more. We know how difficult this can be but try to stop the habit to have healthy, chap-free lips.

Favorite Lip Treatments

Sheaths + Sweaters=The Perfect Pair

Sheath dresses are a great for work but we tire of the same look over and over. Why not pair sweaters with your dress to make for a cute and different outfit.

Belt it!

Belt it! Belting an open cardigan over your dress makes you look neat and polished while giving you more of a shape. You can pair any color with this black sheath. We also have a Riley Sheath that is very similar.

Casual Sheath

Add a Chunky Sweater A chunky sweater breaks up the dress and makes it much more casual. You can add some cute flats or heels if you prefer. Add a cute belt to the look and you have an amazing outfit!

Colorblock Outfit: Sheath Dress

 Flowy Cardigan
Leave your flowy cardigan unbelted to let it skim your body and make the illusion of a longer torso. This colorful outfit is great to go out or let out your wild side at work. I also find color blocking is a great look especially if the dress is black.

Sheath dresses are the best dress to layer sweaters and cardigans over. You have many styles to choose from: boxy, flawy, buttoned, boyfriend, etc.
You can make a number of outfits from the same dress and different sweater. Try it out!



Update + Obsession

I know I have not been writing but a lot has happened since my mother has been in the hospital. She is all better thankfully but I am now done with my internship.

Sadly, the company has to shut down due to some problems raising money and getting investors. It’s all in the life of a start-up company. I am now beginning my search again. I would love to get a break but I think it’s best I just keep myself very busy, it’s not like I go out much anyways.

I will write about my current obsession instead: Organization

Organize your Space

All of these items are from The Container Store. I have both the Brocade items. I absolutely love them, they bring dimension and femininity into my room. I have them both on my desk, I placed my favorite Vogue, Elle, and Glamour magazines into the file as well as placed all my pencils,markers and pens into the cup. I had bought two of these cups, the other I use to hold my makeup brushes.

I am planning on getting the acrylic organizer because I currently have a plastic one but it’s not as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as this and my makeup routinely gets the drawers stuck. I can also clearly see what makeup is where instead of guessing, I think that is a plus.

They were all relatively inexpensive and I cannot stop looking at almost every single item without wanting to gut my whole room and start fresh. Hopefully, we can move into a larger space, but for now organization is key.

I think I am starting off on the right foot this year with finally tidying up. I actually gave away some clothes that I have not worn in a long time, or at all. Now, what to do with all my shoes on my closet floor…

I babysat an adorable little boy and his mother paid me in makeup, I will review them as soon as I get the chance to use all of them.



2012 in Review

 This post is a little late, but it is better late than never. A lot has happened this year now that I think back and it is mind-boggling just how much has happened in 365 days. It’s a little exhausting and daunting just to think about it.

I remember the goods and the bads. I will go over the bads first.

I lost many friends. I suppose it is because of college and how we are literally spread out into different states but I wish that they took the time to reach out. At first, I did all the reaching out but it was exhausting and I felt like I was the only one trying to keep the friendships together. I stopped trying to contact them after a while and I felt that I stopped missing them as much. It made me realize how much they valued me as a friend. They didn’t. We were a trio+1. I was the plus 1. They had all been friends in elementary until I met them all in high school and was accepted. Oh, how it was a blast..all the laughs and good times we had.All the drama and the fights.

I haven’t made too many new friends and I am not much to blame. It seems even in university there are cliques and there had been many friendships already formed. I decided not to sweat it and just immerse myself into school.

Two very important people in my life passed away. A very sweet old woman who was our neighbor a couple of years ago until we moved a town over. We kept in contact and she would always without fail remember my birthday, despite being forgetful. I cried when I heard she passed, I hadn’t gotten to see her in a year, never got to say goodbye. I know she is in a good place now.

My aunt in Dubai also passed away. I had not seen her personally in over 7 years. I miss her dearly. I was in shock to hear she was in a coma and I prayed she would come out of it, but sadly there wasn’t much to be done. She passed away before her youngest daughter’s wedding.

The good things far outweigh the bad now that I think back on it. I had been going crazy since a year ago to find a part-time retail job. I applied to nearly every store in the mall and was thrilled when I was offered a job on the spot to Vans; but it was short-lived. It was a temporary sales associate job, only 90 days. I started in August and when I say I got home sore,I got home dead. They NEVER gave me my 15 minute break, my co-workers never tried to talk to me, and I just felt disconnected to everyone. The first day I remember I fell off the ladder and slammed my back into the metal shelves.No one noticed. I quit in September because I was very unhappy and I could not bear to continue to work for $8.00 an hour without any breaks or appreciation. I had also been offered a job at Baby Gap for much better pay and it was permanent.

In August, I joined an online magazine branch in my university called Her Campus. Primarily, I had wanted to write but I felt I had too much on my plate and was not as confident writing about topics chosen for me so I took the Public Relations/Social Media Contributor job and went to an amazing conference in NYC.

I started my job at Baby Gap in September, right when I began school. Let me tell you, it may be a huge hassle for me to take a bus and a train to work and back, and the customers may be less than polite, but I love my job. My co-workers are amazing and it’s like a family, they always thank me for my hard work, and I made a great friend (Hey Twin~).

In October, I found and got my first internship at Quincy. I love it. Sometimes I feel like I have a lot going on but I try to prioritize and make the best of my experience. I was hired right on the spot to my relief. I had gone to about 4 internship interviews without avail. I was also a marketing/PR intern but some things happened and now I am the Social Media/PR intern. Not only did this happen but I was promoted from Public Relations/Social Media contributor to Social Media Director.

I finally finished the semester in December and my GPA had risen and had found myself on the Dean’s list, needless to say I was very proud of myself.

I met my role model, J.K Rowling, I didn’t cry surprisingly but I think it was just shock. I also went to see Ed Sheeran TWICE this year. I honestly love him and his music and his story inspired me to work just as hard as he had done to get to where he is now.

My New Years Resolutions would be the following: Lose weight, make some great friends, work hard, go to Florida, save money, and write for Her Campus.

I really hope 2013 can go just as well as 2012. Here’s for wishing for a great new year!

Life is Full of Obstacles

Today, my mother went to her doctor appointment for a check up. They sent her to the Emergency room and now she might stay there overnight. This is the second time in the past 2 months. I’m really upset because I don’t have a car to go drive to the hospital to visit. She really stresses too much about the little things and she is very particular in how she wants things,leading her to yell. Her hemoglobin fell very low and they say she has internal bleeding.

I think I’m going to go to the mall with my cousins, buy her a nice big dinner to go, take her personal things and a charger and visit her a little. I’m wondering if I should call out of work in case she comes home tomorrow but I work 5pm-10pm. Ah, I don’t know.

I just hope my poor mother gets better and decides to take care of herself even more. This is no way to spend the new year.


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