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When is too much..too much?

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Sometimes, I’d like to think I get a little bit carried away. As I look at my ever-expanding collection of polishes, I think to myself, “Is this obsessive?” Just look at the collection I have but I can’t help buying more! I always want to buy more even though I have a whole box. There is just too many choices, I often want to wear several at a time! Sometimes, I try to think of why I always want to buy more and then it came to me.

It’s such a great accessory, especially for college students. It is inexpensive, versatile, and easy to change. Every season, more colors come out that can be such a great compliment to your wardrobe. Bare nails are nice, but colored ones complete and enhance your outfit.

There is one color that I can’t seem to part with: Mermaid’s Tear’s by O.P.I. I want to use it all but at the same time I want to preserve it. It’s a beautiful ocean blue color that was part of the Pirates of the Caribbean collection a few years back. When, I searched it up on Amazon. I was shocked to see it was $15. $15 for a nail polish? It’s not bad..but more than I would be willing to spend. I might treat myself to it  IF I ever finish the one I have.

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Do you have a large nail polish collection?Is it your guilty pleasure? I know I am not the only one who covets the best nail polish colors!


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