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Birchbox: June 2013

2013-06-13It’s that time of the month again! No..not that one! BirchBox time! This was the box that would break it or make it.

image(93)Here are the contents of the box when I opened them.  BirchBox revamped their logo and I wasn’t feeling it but I soon came to like it!  I absolutely love the inside of the box though! I am a sucker for chevron, so I will try to reuse and recycle the box.

image(95)At the bottom of the box there were some cute post cards! I absolutely adore Europe so I was really happy with this little treat. I will probably frame them or just put them in my bookcase. My favorite one is of London <3.


image(97)Here are all the samples I received this month.  I liked how we got 6 instead of 5, but the only bad thing is most of them are pretty small and 3 are from the same brand, I want more variety but I decided to give them all a try.  A great thing is that on the info card they have added directions on how to use your product! Yay!

image(98)suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser | Full-Size, $32.95: When I unscrewed the top and sniffed it, I fell in love. I love anything lemony so  I was excited to try this product.  I took the opportunity to use it when I was in the shower. I have combination skin but it is primarily dry.  It foamed nicely and I didn’t need that much product, it made my skin dry, to the point that I FELT that I had no moisture in my face.  I tried it once again today and it left it feeling soft and clean, it also left a wonderful lemon scent. I would recommend using moisturizer on your face after exfoliating.

2013-06-131LAQA & Co. Lil’ Lip Duo | Full Size, 2 for $16: I was happy to get this item in my box.  I’ve always wanted to wear lipstick but I find my lips chap very easily and I can’t even wear it or it looks bad.  I have a color similar to this that is Lancome’s Rouge in Love.
I haven’t used it on my lips but I swiped it once on my hand and it was very pigmented and glided on smoothly, this makes application a lot easier and less messy! I will be using this for sure, I’m glad that I got this color as it goes great with my skin.  It’s a fuschia/ hot pink color.


2013-06-132Birchbox + Color Club Wanderlust Collection | Full-size, $8: Yay! Another nail polish, I’ve been getting a lot and it’s been amazing! At first I was kind of taken aback by how bright this nail polish was but once I had it on it wasn’t so bad.  I also loved that I got the color that was inspired by London (obsessed) but I found it kind of ironic.  It’s always raining in London…so shouldn’t it have been a more subdued hue of green? It is also a lot more longer lasting. Needless to say this one is a keeper but it’s a steep price for nail polish when I can get OPI for less thanks to my cosmetologist mother.

image(104)Davines Love Smoothing Shampoo | Full-size, $27.50: I was surprised to find this bottle of shampoo inside my box.  It’s a pretty good size for a sample. It has a slight scent of baby powder, it’s a strange scent, it’s not revolting but it’s hard to put a finger on it.  I tried it out and it made my hair smell light and it left it clean and soft, it also helped lessen the frizz.  I have dry/ frizzy hair so this was perfect! I swear, I think Birchbox knows me.

image(105)Davines Love Smoothing Conditioner | Full-size, $27.50: THIS is what I was expecting. A packet. I also used this after I used the shampoo and it really did help smooth and moisturize my dry tresses.  I still have some left over for maybe 2 more uses.  I like trying out new brands but I don’t think I would spend this much money on the product as I could find some other ones for cheaper.

image(106)Davines Oi/Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion | Full-Size, $40: Another packet.  The full-size product is pretty steep so I am going to wait until I decide to blow dry my hair and use this oil.  I have plenty of oils that get the job done so I don’t think I will be buying this full-size product either.  I do want to try it and see how it works out though!

While I liked this month, it didn’t spark much of an excitement in me.  This was the month that was going to make me decide if I was going to keep Birchbox or cancel…I’ve decided to cancel.  While I love the guessing that Birchbox leaves me with..I don’t think that the products were worth it.  I’ve decided to keep my Ipsy as it gives me FULL SIZE products.  I loved Birchbox’s customer service and some of the products but I can’t afford to keep spending $10 for mediocre boxes.

What did you think of this months box? Tell me of your experiences with Birchbox and what you think of their products!

May BirchBox Review!

May Birchbox

I took another study break today (can you really blame me!?) and rushed down to my mailbox. I was both delighted and grumpy to see my May BirchBox lying in a puddle of water. Luckily, the only thing that was wet was the outer box. As I opened the boxes like as if it was Christmas once again, I was silently praying that I would not get a fragrance. Lo and behold, I did.



Joie Fragrance: I am not much of a perfume girl. I have an overly sensitive nose and most perfumes end up giving me terrible headaches. I was a bit afraid to try it but it wasn’t very overpowering. It has a sweet floral scent that is very feminine and just reminds one of spring and warm weather. I will use the whole sample but I do not see myself purchasing the full-size bottle as it is $98. A bit too-steep for a girl who rarely uses perfumes.


Beauty Protector,  Protect & Detangle: My mother has a cosmetology certification so she can go to the professional stores and get me products that no one else can get, especially detanglers, for a low price. I was a bit skeptical as I’ve never heard of this brand. I took the top off and sniffed it. It smelled AMAZING. I immediately sprayed it onto my messy, tangled bed head. It smells sweet and does the job. It left my dry hair smooth, soft, and shiny. I think I might just buy the full-size once I run out of this sample. It will come in handy in the hot, humid months that lie ahead.


Coola, Sunscreen for Face: I hate sunscreen. It smells gross, is often times pricey, and leaves my face and skin with a greasy film. Coola was different. I have combination skin of dry patches on the cheeks and a little bit of oil on the T-Zone. I, of course, took a sniff of this and was blown away. Gone are the nasty scents of sunscreen and in are the fresh scent of cucumber! I put a little on my face and it was absorbent, light, and refreshing. It moisturized my skin without being heavy and an hour later, it’s still not greasy. I will most definitely invest on a full-size for the summer months. I will alternate between this and my BB Cream when I feel a little adventurous. What’s even better?It’s organic!


Sumita, Eyeliner: I’ve always been a huge eyeliner fan since high school (Thank you emo phase). I don’t wear it as much as I don’t want to bring all the attention to my dark circles but I find that it emphasized my “exotic” eyes, as my cousin tells me. When I saw that I got this sample, I nearly did a back flip. I wish I would have gotten a different color as I have lots of black eyeliner, but the more the merrier! I put a swatch below so you can see how it comes up. It’s not as pigmented as my drugstore ones but it does the job and I love the strange point! It isn’t easily removed, either. I still have it on my hand after a few hours of just trying to scrub it away with a napkin. It’s long-lasting that’s for sure!


Tweezerman, Matchbox IttyBitty Files: I paint my nails to the point of breaking. I absolutely love my nails and usually think of them the best part of my body. I was surprised to see this little treat. I have 2 nail files and I rarely use them. I don’t like filing my nails as it makes me twitch a little but you have to do, what you have to do! I thought this was really cute and extremely portable! I can just throw it in my purse and have several to use before tossing them away. What’s great is that they are in a box so I don’t have to dig into my bag to find my nail file scratching away at my phone. I’m not too crazy about the dark green color but it’s tiny, cute, and portable so it’s mostly a pro!


I was overall pleased with what I received in this month’s box. I was going to let this month be the month I decide if I wanted to keep or unsubscribe to BirchBox. I think I will be keeping it another month! I am loving what I am seeing and they are doing a great job in choosing the items they are letting us try out. It keeps with the month’s and are going to be of great use for the spring and summer. Keep it up, BirchBox!

April Birchbox Review

April Birchbox

This is my first month receiving Birchbox and once I got my email yesterday confirming that it had been shipped, I was as giddy as a little kid on Christmas.  I love receiving things in the mail, It feels like a gift..even though I paid for it.  I received my Birchbox so quickly that I honestly wasn’t expecting it.  I do live near New York so that could be why it was so swift, but it was still unexpected.







All the goodies!


This shaving cream has an amazing blueberry scent!


The items I’m most excited about are the nail polish (it changes color in the sun!), the eye cream as I have terrible dark circles and some lines, and the shaving cream (just in time for summer!). I am not too blown away by the tea as I don’t like hot tea but I will be sure to let my parents try it and as for the peppermint shampoo, I’ll give it a shot. You never know unless you try! I will try to update you all on how the products work once I use them, but for now, I wanted to unpack and show you all the goodies! We will see how it is and if Birchbox is an investment, but so far I am liking what I see.

I love the packaging…I might just keep the box with the pink Birchbox logo on it.  It’s sturdy and I am sure I can store something in it.  I love how quickly the box arrived, how the items are perfect for the spring months, and the unexpected items that came in it.  It’s like unwrapping a gift every month, you are unsure of what’s going to be inside.  This is one of the things I love about Birchbox as well as the fact that they are samples.  I adore samples.  It allows me to experience items I would have not necessarily known about if I had not been introduced.  I find that samples are the best way to find that perfect item for yourself, there is no other way.  You need to try it and if you find you are unable to part with it, you can go right ahead and buy the full-size product.  It’s really a win-win for the consumer and the company.  Birchbox is doing it right.  I am going to use these items over the course of the next few days and I will fill you all in and how they did!

Do you get Birchbox every month? What are your thoughts on it?


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