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ron-hermione-1J.K Rowling’s recent interview revealed to light that she regretted the relationship of the fiery Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley and admitted that Harry Potter should had wed her instead.

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Read Your Books and Wear Them Too

IMG_0341I can’t go anywhere without a good book stowed in my bag.  At times, I wish I could show my appreciation of a good book by showing the world.  I didn’t think there would be a way until I found Tori’s store on Etsy.  I stared in awe at her original works of art based on literary novels such as Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre.

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Interview with Daniel W. Koch: Published Author at 20



Hello Spice Girls & Guys,
I had the pleasure of interviewing a young author who I found to be both inspiring and interesting!  I always love it when I find a diamond in the rough.  In this day and age, not many children are reading or find themselves inspired by writing.  Daniel managed to publish four books..all on his own.  I also was thoroughly pleased to find that we both had several similar tastes in shows and books, which made it all more exciting! If you want to read the interview and get into contact with Daniel, read on.  He is truly something! If you want some great summer books to read, I would recommend checking out his books, which are available on Amazon.com.  Thank you Daniel! Read More →

The Queen Speaks…The Intern Queen

The struggle. The struggle of balancing your social life, work life, school life..it can all get to be too much but yet I am still searching for an internship.
When I first found out about the Intern Queen, it was through my editor-in-chief of Her Campus Montclair, I was of course interested. I logged onto her website www.internqueen.com and then proceeded to search for internships. I applied for a few and got two responses back, hurrah!

I loved her story and the fact that she had 15 internships under her belt in four years at college! I had to purchase her book. I absolutely love it. I whole-heartedly recommend it. I, like Lauren, struggle to get any help from my advisor. My blood still boils when I think back to last semester. I was making my way into my advisors’ office as I had just landed my first internship at a start-up in New York City. I had been emailing her about the internship and credits when she told me to come into her office the following day. Upon arriving, she instructed me to sit and told me, “You can’t do this internship. It’s free labor, we can’t cover you if you fall and break your back, and you don’t have enough knowledge or experience for it.” Frankly, I was taken aback. Who was she to tell me I didn’t have enough ‘knowledge’ for it. Life is full of opportunities and I seized it. I wasn’t about to let it go. I clenched her teeth, told her thank you, and walked out to continue on with my internship. I don’t know why colleges and universities don’t back up their students, they can’t expect us to just leave it off until senior year.

This is why I decided I would pick up Lauren Berger’s book. I wanted more internships, I wanted to experience the field, and have an edge over my competitors in the fashion realm. She offers tips, advice, and first hand experience. The book is only $12.99 and that’s a bargain for all the things she has to tell us!

Lauren Berger, you truly are an inspiration, thank you for writing such a helpful and wonderful books!Image


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