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The New and Improved Aeropostale

Aeropostale GSPDisclaimer: I’ve received compensation from Aeropostale but all opinions are mine.

I bounced over happily to Aeropostale in Garden State Plaza this past Saturday with a friend to check out a party they were having.  I’ve seen the new store and new clothing and honestly, I love it.  It’s nothing like the boring polos with the word AERO posted in the front.  It’s cool, it’s edgy, and it’s cute.

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Tickled Pink

Tickle Me Pink

Spring is in full swing! The weather is finally bearable and breezy and not frigid and frozen.  When I was a younger girl, I despised the color pink, it was too girly for me.  Now that I am big and grown, I absolutely love it.  It can be soft or shocking, it adds a great pop of color to any outfit, and honestly it’s very springy.  My favorite way of wearing pink is with a contrasting color or in a different shade of pink.  I gathered some cute pink things.  My absolute faves are the Jacquard Shorts from Gap and the strappy pink dress from Zara.  They can both be dressed up or down, which leads it to be versatile and honestly, a 2-in-1 deal.
Pink is also the perfect color to transition into summer with.  I don’t know why I had despised it so much! I still don’t have much pink in my wardrobe, but I am hoping to change that! Do you like pink for spring and summer? How do you wear your pink? Needless to say, I am feeling a little tickled pink.

The Big Picture: Plus-Size Fashion

Source: http://clothing-x-change.com/

Source: http://clothing-x-change.com/

As a plus-size gal..it’s often difficult to find clothing that is both aesthetically beautiful and flattering. There isn’t much choice out in the market. I am not a size 20 or 22. I am a size 14, which is evidently the size that the average American woman is. Why is it so difficult to have clothing like this?

Fashion should not exclude any shape or body type. Every woman is different and it should not be a one-size fits all deal. It angers to me to no end when I see stick thin models and think to myself, “Really, this is the ideal of beauty we have today?” Skin and bones is not healthy and nor is a lot of fat but a woman has to have curves, we were made to have curves.

I don’t understand the infatuation with becoming a size 0 or 2. I have no intention of becoming a 0 or 2 but I would love to be a size 10 even an 8 is fine. I want to have my curves with less of the belly pudge. THAT is healthy to me but unfortunately with all the fast food and portion sizes we have today, we are tempted and succumb to them.

With the growing waistlines and body shapes we should have more fashion choices. I fall in the plus size category and while I fit in L or XL, I get aggravated with the many different sizings of brands. H&M warps their sizes to be smaller on the label than they actually are. Some jeans in Gap could be an 8 but in Express could be a 10, you don’t really end up with one size in your closet, but multiple.

I really hope that one of my classmates who want to be designers embrace that beauty comes in all sizes and develops a line that includes plus sized. It’s a largely ignored industry and in the end it could be very profitable. All I wish for is beautiful clothing for real women, is it that much to ask for?

If there are any designers out there..why not think on it? Make other fashionista’s such as myself really happy and develop some plus-size clothing!

And if you are a plus-size lady then I wholeheartedly recommend Asos CURVE or Torrid!


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