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How to Revive Old Denim with Embroidery

DIY: Easy Embroidery

Crafitiness is not in my blood.  Sewing is always something I’ve had an interest in but never the confidence to pursue it. I might try it for real one day but for now, hand-sewing and embroidery is where I am going to start.  Embroidered jeans are so in and for a while, I have been obsessing over them, but it can be expensive. The solution? I took a pair of denim that I had lying around and began to personalize it a bit to my taste. Read More →

DIY Vase Decor

photo(51)Upon arriving at my aunt’s house, I simply relaxed on the couch, watching some tv.  She soon arrived upstairs with some cute flowers and set them in this vase. I thought it was really cute and I soon found out that she had decorated it herself, which gave it a beautiful unique look.  I think it went very well with the “flowers” which are in fact a type of dry grass.

Here is what you will need:

  • Vase
  • Craft Glue
  • Beads
  • Flowers


It’s a fun and easy DIY.  You apply the glue to the vase and apply the beads.  My aunt applied a few with something that had a point but when it came to the smaller beads she pressed them all against the glass.  You can really go anyway you want with this and even make a spiral or floral design.

It’s also relatively inexpensive going from $0-10 if you have a vase lying around and with summer coming closer the flowers and plants are abundant.  You could find most of the supplies at a local craft store or dollar store.




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