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Negatives and Positives

Summer has come and gone. I have not been posting as much as I have always tried to. Despite that, I miss writing my thoughts out onto my blog. I spent much of the summer applying to jobs without much luck. I had resigned myself to just being a stay at home daughter. While I did not have a full-time job; I did have an online job but I wanted a real job like my friends. It is hard to get yourself out of a negative mindset when you are in the world of social media.

It did get difficult to see when I was going to get out of this dark place but I busied myself with the four F’s: family, food, fun, and friends. I went to the Drake concert, planned a Disney trip (which I will post about), and even thought about visiting family.


Life is funny though. When you least expect something, it tends to happen. Right when I threw in the towel and decided to not actively look and give myself a break…I got a job. A real, full-time job. It’s been exactly a month and while it is exhausting and it sucks to not have as much time to myself–I can finally save money, pay off loans, and then hopefully began to save to maybe move out in the future, pay off debts, and get a car.

This little post is here to say: do not compare yourself to others. Life is not a race. In your negatives, you will find a positive. Surround yourself with people who will lift you up and encourage you. You will need support. Sometimes you can’t go things yourself. Life is full of ups and downs, negatives and positives, and an adventure waiting to happen.

Summertime Happiness

IMG_1435It’s been a while since I posted. It’s just been hard to find the inspiration and the drive to write and upkeep with the blog. I don’t lead a particularly interesting life (I won’t lie–I’m pretty plain like everyone else). I don’t live the blogger life as I don’t gain any money from this or have a ginormous following.

With the job search pretty much zilch–thanks economy, I have lots of time to myself and my family now while working part time.  For the past few days, I think this is the most social life I’ve had since high school.

My best guy friend came down from Florida and despite living so close to New York, he’d never been SO why not make an adventure out of it?

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A Little Party Killed Nobody



I was never the type to really go out and party.  I was also the type of person who would stay in on a Saturday night, turn on the tv or curl up on my bed with a good book.  Now that I am growing older I find that I want to go out a little more, I want to grasp and cling onto any opportunity.

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a man I had interviewed with for an internship position (which I accepted and then declined).  They were inviting me to a “Great Gatsby” theme event that would showcase the jewelry of emerging jewelry designers while making their guests rock the roaring 20s look.  I, of course, accepting excitedly.  It was free and I was allowed to bring a guest along.  I brought along my best friend, Susan, as I know she loves dressing in past fashion.  I think it’s her hobby, really.

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Susan & Dylan in the City

Hello Spice Girls & Guys,

This is just a little adventure post about my day in the city last week with one of my best friends, Susan.  She was sweet enough to accompany me to New York City while I had an interview at 4.  We had planned that we would go, enjoy a little, I would go to my interview, we would have lunch, and make our way to some of the music festivals that were taking place all over the city.  Boy, were we wrong!  Nothing EVER goes according to plan but we rolled with the punches.

I went to an internship interview and I decided to go less ultra professional and more fashionable+appropriate. I hope the result is a new internship.

photo(1)Ignore my thrown wedges. I was debating on the shoes.  I ultimately went with the Sam Edelman “Trina” Sandals.

Outfit :)

My outfit consisted of the Sam Edelman “Trina” Sandals, ASOS Curve Midi Skirt, Jason Wu for Target Floral Skirt, and a cardigan from J. Crew.

We made our way out of our houses around 1:30 and got onto a mini-bus which took us to another bus stop that would take us to New York City.  We had the choice of taking an NJ Transit bus or another mini-bus.  It was so hot out that we just decided to take the mini-bus.  It was a major mistake; not only was the bus driver driving 5 MPH (literally, I kid you not) but there was NO air conditioning on the bus with no option to open the windows.  All the windows were unable to be opened.  I nearly cried from happiness when the bus driver opened HIS window to talk to another driver only to close it a few moments later.

The only reason I was wearing a cardigan was because I was conscious of my big arms that day as well as the fact that I felt it would not be appropriate to go to an interview showing off your guns.  What made it worse was the fact that the sweater was made from wool. Dead.

We FINALLY made it to the Port Authority, sweaty and weak from the lack of any air.  I felt like a tray of cookies that had been left to bake in an oven.  We made our way to my interview via subway.  I went in and she went for a walk.  The interview was only a few minutes and I was in pain.  I took off my sandals to find that it had rubbed the skin raw from my big toe.  I shall never wear new shoes to the city again.  That is a tip for you all; break them in first.

I was so happy that I thought of packing a change of clothing.  I slipped those bad boys off and slipped on some comfy sandals, ones that are WAY broken in.  I slipped off the cardigan and we happily made our way off to find a place to eat.  Now, I LOVE food. LOVE.  Hence, it is why I am so pleasantly plump! We had Shake Shack on our mind but we passed by an adorable burger place so we decided to give it a try.  This is why I love Susan.  She loves to try new things as well.  Match made in heaven.


I am so glad that we decided to give it a try.  I fell in love.  Now, it’s not as good as Shake Shack or In N Out, but it’s a pretty damn good burger.  It’s also a bit pricey but well worth it.  Look at the masterpiece.  I think this is how Krabby Patties look in real life! Take notes, Spongebob! The fries came in a tiny bag to which Susan and I scoffed.  We paid HOW MUCH for this much fries? Well, needless to say..looks can be deceiving, there were so many fries that I wanted to cry when I was stuffed. ( I still ate everything, so much regret).


Susan, after we ate. She hates this picture but I think she looks lovely! A true New Yorker!

image(2)What I love most about the city? All the cute little shops.  I am a sucker for books as I am a total nerd and when I saw this little gem, my little heart sputtered in joy.  192 Books has a great selection and while I didn’t buy any books, I will never forget the two little (6?7?) year old girls that were fawning over books, begging their mother to buy them some.  My faith has been restored.  I just hope some more children pick up on reading.

We walked on..not really knowing where we were going when we passed by what looked like a garage door and all we could see was this teepee.  We were intrigued.

photo(2)Upon closer inspection, we found that it was an exhibit.  I didn’t really understand what these head-less pregnant Native American women could be.  There were several photographs that lined the wall with a story in between some.  Once I read some of these stories, I understood what it meant.  All of these stories were about Native American girls and women that were forced upon by someone they trusted.  They couldn’t say anything, no one would listen as most of their family were drunks or dead.  I could see that this work of art above tells us that these Native American women are helpless and cannot tell the world of their difficulties.  They carry the burden and the unborn child if they get pregnant.  I found the stories sad and it really touched a chord in me.


We then made our way out and found ourselves by this cute little shop called Maison.  I wish I could have taken pictures but there was a sign on the door that wanted no photography.  This shop had all kinds of cute and odd trinkets.  They had lots of things from France, Paris inspired things, and adorable spoons, decorations and more! Check it out if you are nearby. I will put the address below.



*Maison 140* 140 Ninth Ave NYC 10011

We trudged along until we were around 14th street as Susan was on the hunt for her favorite record shop.  She ended up purchasing Sinatra.  We walked back to take the subway to 72nd when we heard music coming from Union Square, right by the subway.  A whole bunch of people with guitars were playing TOGETHER. Let me just tell you that it was amazing.  No one knew each other and I found it so cool that total strangers could bond over their love of music and guitar.

image(6)Here is a video for your viewing enjoyment! (I dont know if it will work but it was pretty short anyways!)

What I love most about Susan? Her appetite.  The whole day she was wailing and whining for ice cream.  After we got lost taking the subway (my fault) and ending up in queens instead of 72nd street, we had to try several more times before landing on 60th and walking the whole way.  We were 2 hours late and subsequently the show was at mass capacity.  We never got to go in and see it.  I was upset because 1. It’s Central Park..how is there a capacity? and 2. The NYPD were really rude. REALLY rude.  I couldn’t.

We ended up sitting on a bench and listening to the French rap that bellowed out of the speakers.  We rested a little before limping our way through the now dark park towards Columbus Circle.  I think luck was on Susan’s side.  We spotted an ice cream truck.  At least one thing went right! We both ended up getting home at 11pm.  Needless to say, we couldn’t walk for the next day and Susan really ended up hurting her toe! We both suffered casualties!

Here’s to a whirlwind of a day.  NYC, you both never seem to disappoint but sometimes you really do. Cheers.


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