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Fall 2013 Color Trends

Fall 2013 Color Trends

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Hello Spice Girls & Guys,

We have barely made it through July but I am already seeing the small tricklings of fall excitement.  I love the warm and rich tones that we are being offered this fall.  I would say my favorite is the hot pink called Vivacious and the deep blue called Mykonos Blue.  The best fall color of all is Turbulence.  Grey is such a great neutral and will go well mixing with a few of these colors or just on its own.  I just love the colors as it really offers warmth and really does go well with the change of season and leaves.  I was at the mall today and the moment I walked into J. Crew I was hit was the fall feeling.  The fall collection was warm and offered glam with some gems on sweaters.

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Sea Green

Sea Green

I decided to pamper myself on this beautiful breezy day (or procrastinate a smidge).  I decided it was time to change my boring nude nail polish that was chipping off horribly and swipe on some bright blue and add a twist of green.  Blue and green is by far one my favorite color combinations, especially in clothing.  Why should it be any different on nails? I was in a bit of a rush to get the color on and it’s less than perfect, but I love the color combination.  It instantly adds a skip in my step!


 The blue hue on my nails is Essie’s Greenport and the green hue is Essie’s Navigate Her.


What do you think of the color combination? What are you favorite color combinations?


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