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Magic in My Eyes




Hi guys! I feel like it’s been so long. 3 months is a long time without an update. I felt like I needed to step away for a little bit. Blogging was becoming more like a job. I, of course, want a bigger audience but not enough to make myself start hate blogging or feel it as a burden. It’s an expensive hobby with always needing to get new clothes or items to feature on Sartorial Spice. No, I do not get things for free or get gifted. Everything I have featured unless I have disclosed that it was given to me, was paid with by my own money.

Now, I feel like I have been wanting to buy this for a long time so I am really excited to share what I thought about it. <3

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Finally Got My Letter!

Hogwarts sign

In case you were all wondering if I fell off the face of the earth..you are approximately right. I was in my fantasy/dream come true…

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ron-hermione-1J.K Rowling’s recent interview revealed to light that she regretted the relationship of the fiery Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley and admitted that Harry Potter should had wed her instead.

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Accio, Rupert Grint!

Rupert-Grint-devient-un-super-heros-pour-Super-Clyde-de-CBS_portrait_w532Anyone who knows me well knows that I have an unhealthy obsession love with Rupert Grint.  I honestly don’t know where it came from but I can’t help but drool a little or get overly excited when I hear his name.  I mean look at that face, I can’t resist.

I tend to google and read articles to see where my favorite Potter actors are or what they are doing.  This is when I found out about his new comedy Super Clyde was rejected by CBS.  I was bummed…like..really really bummed.  It seemed like he was one of the best actors in Potter but he wasn’t find much success in the big or little screen.  Well, CBS, I think you made a grave mistake.

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Summer Reading


Hello Spice Girls & Guys!

Summer can be full of fun things to do such as the beach, internships, events, etc.  I find that sometimes I get so exhausted, that I just want to sit in bed and read a good book.  Now that I’ve decided to take a break from working (at least in person), I have much more time on my hands this summer.

I’ve comprised a list of books that I want to read or re-read this summer.

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