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One Door Closes..One Opens

photo 3(18)My journey as an Ann Taylor intern has come to an end.  It had gone too fast but like it is always said, all good things must come to an end.  This internship has reinforced my notion of what career I truly want to go into. I know for a fact I want to go into social media marketing; I mean, how is that not fun? Read More →

Time Flies By…

TimesSquareTowerSometimes, you stop and realize that time just flies by.  Today, I stopped and stood in the hallway of ANN INC. My last day is Friday and I can’t believe how fast my internship has come to an end.  This marks the end of my 10th internship and of an amazing journey.  ANN INC is such a great company to intern for and I was given so many responsibilities that even I was surprised. Not only has my internship come to an end but soon my college years will too.

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How to Handle Rejection With Grace


I’ve had plenty of interviews and many times I have never been called back.  It hurts me every time.  The sting doesn’t go away and it makes me feel like a bit of a failure.  Rejection is just a part of life and something you are going to have to get used to.  Sure, it sucks. Big time. But hopefully you can take a few things away from the experience and grow more from it.  Here are 5 tips to handle rejection with grace.

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So Long 2013, Hello 2014

photo(60)It’s been a whirlwind of a year.  I feel like it’s just flown by and it’s had it’s ups and downs.  I feel blessed with all I have and all that has been accomplished in just 364 days.  I started this jar last year and read some things I didn’t even know I accomplished or didn’t remember.
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The Beginning of the End…of Internships?

Via Sprudge.com

Via Sprudge.com

Internships are a gateway to a career.  In this day and age, unfortunately, most are unpaid which leads to heated debates and lawsuits being flung left and right like a frisbee.  While it would be nice to get paid for the work that I do as an intern, all I really care about is being treated right and gaining experience from it all.  I’ve been blessed that I’ve never been taken advantage of (knock on wood) and my bosses are the sweetest in the world. Read More →

We Wear Pink in October

breasecancerawarenessmonthCancer is a word no one wants to hear.  We can effectively compare such a word to Voldemort.  It shall not be named for it is feared and hated.  October is the month that we throw on our pink shirts and scarves..not only on Wednesdays.  I am proud to say that my aunt is a breast cancer survivor and she is one of the strongest people I know.  I had the opportunity to accompany her a yearly Cancer Survivor Day that takes place in Jersey City.  It really is inspirational to be surrounded by people that you know have gone through some terrible hardships in their life. Read More →

Straight Hair, Don’t Care

evelyn-putnam-designs-2-1277501-regularAs humans, I find we are never really happy with what we have.  If you have straight hair, you want curly hair.  If you have straight hair, you want curly hair.  If you are flat-chested, you want more and vice versa.  Why are we always striving to change ourselves?  Why are we never content?  I stopped and thought of this while I was sitting on the hard folding chair as my mother was half through the painstaking, 8-hour process of taming my frizzy and curly hair.

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Getting Ready for Baby

BabyPicI’m like a cat in a way..I don’t like surprises.  I was taken by surprise when my father announced my cousin was going to stay with us.  The kicker? She’s 9 months pregnant..seriously..she is going to pop any day now! Being an only child, I could admit that I felt a bit threatened at the prospect of having a family member living with us for a few months while the baby comes.

I was never big on children especially in my early teens.  I would make faces and stick my nose in the air, ignoring them.  It all changed when a family friend asked my mother to babysit her son.

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Fall 2013 Classes

photo(49)Hello Spices!  I hope your school year has started off well.  I thought it would be fun for you all to catch a glimpse of what kind of classes I have to take and maybe, who knows, you would like to take something similar in your own university if it offers it!

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Never Forget: 9/11

9_11_lights Form Numerology number 11

Photo via abasswatchman.com


Everyone vaguely or vividly remember what they were doing or where they were this tragic day.  I can vividly remember that I was in my 4th grade class, happily beginning the day at my elementary school in my hometown of Cliffside Park.  We are literally across the Hudson, where the New York skyline is the view I see from the moment I open my eyes to the moment I close them.  On September 11, 2001, I was unable to even look at it, staring up at my ceiling in terror every time I heard the roar of an airplane flying over my house. Read More →


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