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Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

Courtesy of Pantone

Courtesy of Pantone

So long Emerald! Hello Radiant Orchid!  2014’s color is less glitzy glam and more charming.  It’s a beautiful purple that warms one’s insides and will be sure to style everyone’s wardrobe’s this year.

I always get excited to see the color of the year.  It really sets the tone for the rest of the year.  This color is a great color that anyone could pull off whether it is makeup, jewelry, or clothing.  You can also incorporate this purple and pink hue into your home as an accent color. Read More →

We Wear Pink in October

breasecancerawarenessmonthCancer is a word no one wants to hear.  We can effectively compare such a word to Voldemort.  It shall not be named for it is feared and hated.  October is the month that we throw on our pink shirts and scarves..not only on Wednesdays.  I am proud to say that my aunt is a breast cancer survivor and she is one of the strongest people I know.  I had the opportunity to accompany her a yearly Cancer Survivor Day that takes place in Jersey City.  It really is inspirational to be surrounded by people that you know have gone through some terrible hardships in their life. Read More →

Ipsy: July 2013


Hello everyone!  This past week and prior week is a little busy but I’ve decided to relax a little and finally get to that Ipsy review! Here it is! Enjoy.

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Fall 2013 Color Trends

Fall 2013 Color Trends

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 3.46.22 PM

Hello Spice Girls & Guys,

We have barely made it through July but I am already seeing the small tricklings of fall excitement.  I love the warm and rich tones that we are being offered this fall.  I would say my favorite is the hot pink called Vivacious and the deep blue called Mykonos Blue.  The best fall color of all is Turbulence.  Grey is such a great neutral and will go well mixing with a few of these colors or just on its own.  I just love the colors as it really offers warmth and really does go well with the change of season and leaves.  I was at the mall today and the moment I walked into J. Crew I was hit was the fall feeling.  The fall collection was warm and offered glam with some gems on sweaters.

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Ruby Wing Nail Polish Review

photo(26)I had received this pretty light pink/coral nail polish in my April Birchbox. I was ecstatic, as nail polish is one of my obsessions. When I got the chance I swiped it on. My first reaction was that maybe the brush was too small and that’s why my manicure came out less than perfect. It streaks horribly and no matter how many coats you put on (I put 3), the streakiness comes through.  The polish does do what it says; it changes color.  I stood at my window a little creep like and watched as the color changed in front of my eyes. I love it, it’s like you are wearing two different nail polishes.  I just wish it didn’t streak so bad and in less than a few hours, some of it had chipped off. I’m disappointed and I know for a fact I won’t be purchasing the full-size. Too bad.

Thumb and Pinky NOT exposed to light, middle three fingers exposed to sun.

Thumb and Pinky NOT exposed to light, middle three fingers exposed to sun.

Tickled Pink

Tickle Me Pink

Spring is in full swing! The weather is finally bearable and breezy and not frigid and frozen.  When I was a younger girl, I despised the color pink, it was too girly for me.  Now that I am big and grown, I absolutely love it.  It can be soft or shocking, it adds a great pop of color to any outfit, and honestly it’s very springy.  My favorite way of wearing pink is with a contrasting color or in a different shade of pink.  I gathered some cute pink things.  My absolute faves are the Jacquard Shorts from Gap and the strappy pink dress from Zara.  They can both be dressed up or down, which leads it to be versatile and honestly, a 2-in-1 deal.
Pink is also the perfect color to transition into summer with.  I don’t know why I had despised it so much! I still don’t have much pink in my wardrobe, but I am hoping to change that! Do you like pink for spring and summer? How do you wear your pink? Needless to say, I am feeling a little tickled pink.

Mint Condition

With spring finally arriving, I have always found myself obsessing over the color mint. It’s such a beautiful hue of green/blue. It is a beautiful transition from all the darker hues we have in fall and winter.  You can pair it with a variety of colors such as pink, a darker blue, or white.

Mint Love
I never seem to tire of this color. It’s such a pretty shade and I find it looks great with gold and silver accessories. It’s very versatile and you can find the colors in any item from shoes to jeans to purses.
Outfit Ideas: Mint Edition

I hope to stock up on all things minty! Do you like mint?What you pair with it?


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