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January 2015 Favorites


It’s hard to believe that January has flown by so fast and that we are ALREADY in February! It’s cray! Where did all the time go?

That being said, I haven’t done a monthly favorites post in a while.  Here are some of the things I could not stop using in the month of January.

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May Favorites

photo(44)It’s a shock to the system that May has flown by!  I thought I would divulge my favorite and most used products of May 2013!

Boscia B.B. Cream: I’ve written about Boscia B.B Cream before in my “What’s in my Makeup Bag” post. I use it underneath my foundation and I am confident that it helps my skin look a lot better.

JOICO K-PAK Deep Conditioner: I use this shampoo and conditioner as well.  I have extremely dry, crunchy hair. I refuse to cut it (even though I should) as I want to grow it out more, so I need something that will help the dryness and my split ends.  I put this deep conditioner on once every 2 weeks. It makes my hair soft, manageable, and smells great.  This is a professional salon brand but I am sure you might be able to find it online.

Soap & Glory Face Soap and Clarity: I don’t have that many blemishes but once in a while, I do get one or two that are really bad.  I love this face soap as it leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean, and soft.  My skin is also dry with some oily spots on the forehead and chin. It’s gentle enough to use everyday (I use it at night) but I make sure to alternate with a face wash without exfoliating beads as it can strip the skin of necessary oils.

SilkySexyHair Frizz Eliminator:  When I blow dry (often) or flat iron my hair, I am sure to apply some of this.  It smooths my flyaways and has a great scent.  It also keeps your hair frizz free, which will be greatly appreciated when the humidity approaching.  It leaves a magnificent shine.  You can also use it on your natural hair to help the frizz and to control your curls, if you have them.

Soap and Glory Clean on Me: I still can’t get over how much I adore this product.  It leaves my skin soft and moisturized.  I also love the feminine scent. I think it has officially become my must have. I don’t think I will be going back to Dove again.

I am excited for June and I hope I will be able to try more products, who knows what will bump out some of my favorite products. What are you favorite products? Have you used any of these products?


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