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Summertime Happiness

IMG_1435It’s been a while since I posted. It’s just been hard to find the inspiration and the drive to write and upkeep with the blog. I don’t lead a particularly interesting life (I won’t lie–I’m pretty plain like everyone else). I don’t live the blogger life as I don’t gain any money from this or have a ginormous following.

With the job search pretty much zilch–thanks economy, I have lots of time to myself and my family now while working part time.  For the past few days, I think this is the most social life I’ve had since high school.

My best guy friend came down from Florida and despite living so close to New York, he’d never been SO why not make an adventure out of it?

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Jumpin’ for Joy

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Summer Prints

Summer Prints

I absolutely adore prints, especially in the summer.  It’s a great way to keep cool since you do not want to layer in the summer.  You slip on a great printed shirt or shorts and it adds all the contrast and excitement your outfit needs.  There are a variety of colors, patterns, and items to choose from so you will never be short on choices.

There is a print for every person and taste.  I love prints because you are essentially really wearing a piece of art on your body.  Here are a few sets with some cute and very wearable prints.

Printed Shorts
Print Tops
Printed Skirts

Are you into prints? What are you favorite ways to wear them? I always find myself gravitating towards prints rather than solids! I think I might have an obsession!


New York State of Mind

photo(36)Hello my Spice Girls (Guys!), It’s been a hectic semester. It never seems to end as I am now doing my internship in New York City. I absolutely love it. The downside is getting home to New Jersey, the bus route is an hour and a half and the buses are unreliable.  I am interning at Mastoloni Pearls as their PR/Marketing Intern.  Everyone is the sweetest and I can’t complain about the location.  It’s right by 5th Avenue! Plus, it’s where all the businessmen are…so I do some sight seeing on my breaks (;D).

It’s was unbearably humid today and being self conscious about my arms led me to literally sweat it out into my blazer.  The good/bad thing is that I have to dress professional. Good because I love to dress up, bad because it’s difficult for a plus size girl like myself to find anything that is flattering and youthful that is dressy enough to wear.  It’s very difficult to find some great dresses as well. I will just have to keep my eyes peeled for the perfect pieces for my closet.

The city in the summer is wonderful. The sun is shining, the city is buzzing, and there is always some Fro-yo around the corner, Yum! If you ever have the opportunity to go to the city or intern in New York, do it! You will really get the feel for the culture and honestly, I just love looking at everyone’s outfits.  Not one is the same!

Today, however, was exhausting. I got locked out of my house and had to go to my fathers place of employment to get his key and take the bus back.  What I found waiting for me at home was exciting, my first month of Ipsy! I am thrilled with what I recieved and will make it my duty to give you some reviews and photos of what I got!

Tickled Pink

Tickle Me Pink

Spring is in full swing! The weather is finally bearable and breezy and not frigid and frozen.  When I was a younger girl, I despised the color pink, it was too girly for me.  Now that I am big and grown, I absolutely love it.  It can be soft or shocking, it adds a great pop of color to any outfit, and honestly it’s very springy.  My favorite way of wearing pink is with a contrasting color or in a different shade of pink.  I gathered some cute pink things.  My absolute faves are the Jacquard Shorts from Gap and the strappy pink dress from Zara.  They can both be dressed up or down, which leads it to be versatile and honestly, a 2-in-1 deal.
Pink is also the perfect color to transition into summer with.  I don’t know why I had despised it so much! I still don’t have much pink in my wardrobe, but I am hoping to change that! Do you like pink for spring and summer? How do you wear your pink? Needless to say, I am feeling a little tickled pink.


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