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Ipsy: July 2013


Hello everyone!  This past week and prior week is a little busy but I’ve decided to relax a little and finally get to that Ipsy review! Here it is! Enjoy.

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May BirchBox Review!

May Birchbox

I took another study break today (can you really blame me!?) and rushed down to my mailbox. I was both delighted and grumpy to see my May BirchBox lying in a puddle of water. Luckily, the only thing that was wet was the outer box. As I opened the boxes like as if it was Christmas once again, I was silently praying that I would not get a fragrance. Lo and behold, I did.



Joie Fragrance: I am not much of a perfume girl. I have an overly sensitive nose and most perfumes end up giving me terrible headaches. I was a bit afraid to try it but it wasn’t very overpowering. It has a sweet floral scent that is very feminine and just reminds one of spring and warm weather. I will use the whole sample but I do not see myself purchasing the full-size bottle as it is $98. A bit too-steep for a girl who rarely uses perfumes.


Beauty Protector,  Protect & Detangle: My mother has a cosmetology certification so she can go to the professional stores and get me products that no one else can get, especially detanglers, for a low price. I was a bit skeptical as I’ve never heard of this brand. I took the top off and sniffed it. It smelled AMAZING. I immediately sprayed it onto my messy, tangled bed head. It smells sweet and does the job. It left my dry hair smooth, soft, and shiny. I think I might just buy the full-size once I run out of this sample. It will come in handy in the hot, humid months that lie ahead.


Coola, Sunscreen for Face: I hate sunscreen. It smells gross, is often times pricey, and leaves my face and skin with a greasy film. Coola was different. I have combination skin of dry patches on the cheeks and a little bit of oil on the T-Zone. I, of course, took a sniff of this and was blown away. Gone are the nasty scents of sunscreen and in are the fresh scent of cucumber! I put a little on my face and it was absorbent, light, and refreshing. It moisturized my skin without being heavy and an hour later, it’s still not greasy. I will most definitely invest on a full-size for the summer months. I will alternate between this and my BB Cream when I feel a little adventurous. What’s even better?It’s organic!


Sumita, Eyeliner: I’ve always been a huge eyeliner fan since high school (Thank you emo phase). I don’t wear it as much as I don’t want to bring all the attention to my dark circles but I find that it emphasized my “exotic” eyes, as my cousin tells me. When I saw that I got this sample, I nearly did a back flip. I wish I would have gotten a different color as I have lots of black eyeliner, but the more the merrier! I put a swatch below so you can see how it comes up. It’s not as pigmented as my drugstore ones but it does the job and I love the strange point! It isn’t easily removed, either. I still have it on my hand after a few hours of just trying to scrub it away with a napkin. It’s long-lasting that’s for sure!


Tweezerman, Matchbox IttyBitty Files: I paint my nails to the point of breaking. I absolutely love my nails and usually think of them the best part of my body. I was surprised to see this little treat. I have 2 nail files and I rarely use them. I don’t like filing my nails as it makes me twitch a little but you have to do, what you have to do! I thought this was really cute and extremely portable! I can just throw it in my purse and have several to use before tossing them away. What’s great is that they are in a box so I don’t have to dig into my bag to find my nail file scratching away at my phone. I’m not too crazy about the dark green color but it’s tiny, cute, and portable so it’s mostly a pro!


I was overall pleased with what I received in this month’s box. I was going to let this month be the month I decide if I wanted to keep or unsubscribe to BirchBox. I think I will be keeping it another month! I am loving what I am seeing and they are doing a great job in choosing the items they are letting us try out. It keeps with the month’s and are going to be of great use for the spring and summer. Keep it up, BirchBox!


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