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Photo Inspiration


After reading¬†All Work, No Pay by Lauren Berger, I decided to spend a good hour clearing out Facebook things that might be taken the wrong way by a potential employer. (I didn’t find much, mind you.) But while I was going back on the time line..all the way down to 2009–when I was a sophomore in high school, I was shocked. I may have not been stick thin, I never have been, but oh my god, I looked healthy! I was slightly overweight..but a lot thinner than now.¬†

I felt a twinge in my heart and looked down at myself, of course I want to be healthy, of course I want to be a good weight, but it’s just so hard. I’m a crash dieter, I hop on one day and the next, I’m already slipping off. I can only blame myself as I try to remember when my weight started going up. I think it’s when my social life began to take off, and I went out to eat a lot more. Before then, I would only eat home-cooked meals and stay inside, I wasn’t exercising much but my stress wasn’t as high so my food intake wasn’t affected either.

I am going to print out this photo of myself, where I see no belly bulge, no arm fat, and no double-chin. I am going to put it on the wall right next to where I sleep so when I open my eyes, I know that this is my goal. It will be my inspiration.


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